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The bengals would take them that. Would it'd be my my opinion if he was healthy if he was completely healthy but it just it really comes down to where he is not only for year one in terms of the recovery. But is this something and I've heard different stories from different medical people but is is this something that's going it'd be reactivated and become a career problem. Where three or four years down the road? We you know we lost the guy that we spent the number one overall pick on so that that that one's trickier Justin herber is more of A. He's the the football valuation is the tough part. Because he's he's big strong he can run. He has a big time arm. He's a lot like Josh Allen with the bills. When Josh was coming out Wyoming He's very smart but he's very introverted. He's Kinda the opposite of what you think of when a quarterback walks into the room and I think. NFL teams are going in a struggle with that any other quarterbacks dip it into the top First Round Jake from is the smartest quarterback. I've been around a long time on Georgia quarterback he has physical limitations but he. He's the type of guy that overcomes it Jacob easson needs another year. He was the the well he wants to start her. And then and then he got injured from beat a mode of Georgia and then transferred to Washington Eastern probably if if he decides Komo early. He's the most physically gifted quarterback in this class in terms of pure talent. But I really think he needs another year Washington aside from Cincinnati. Miami who will definitely draft a quarterback who definitely The lions could. You know they're sitting right now like five. That range Jacksonville I wouldn't rule out where arline again the Carolinas do. What the what are the chargers GonNa do? What's going on with Jon Gruden and in color There are a lot of teams that they're interesting this year more so normal. I took the last few years. We've had more cornerbacks than we pat teams in the top ten have needed them I think I think the Broncos are happy with what they have but you never know Just going down the raiders. Pick again at sixteen the the buccaneers or are they are they happy James. Even though he's you know he's played well recently. But Teddy Bridgewater and Cam Newton where they end up if if they end up with another team and then how that affects the draft. No question but I I. The point is in the first sixteen. Eighteen picks there are about eight or nine teams. That potentially could have interest in quarterback is Washington sold on Dwayne Haskins Who are you asking the owner? Well the owner I know is but but but if I'm a coach I coach you get has got to be sold on him as well where he's not taken that job so I i. I've been holding back from calling urban this week wondering what what he was doing in the box I if the current structure I can't I couldn't allow a friend to take the job without saying now. If you get a new general manager wait wait are you. Are you the friend urban to tell him not to take this job. I'm just saying hypothetically okay. If any out there I would make the phone call and say make sure you got a football guy who's in between the owner and you and and you can completely run the football stuff you can make the decisions. I mean that that's the issue right now under the current construct Washington can't succeed. They need Daniel Snyder to take a step back. They need to hire a general manager that knows capone and can evaluate players and then they need a coach who can take those players and develop them. Would you rather coach Washington or Dallas Dallas. Yeah Yeah between those two. I'd rather coach Carolina. I think Dallas but you know I just rather coach any team in. I'd rather coach thirty one. Other Teams Shington in Washington right. Now don't sugar coat it. I won't okay todd great to talk to you and Merry Christmas and thanks for the mock draft all right there. That's todd mcshay. ESPN NFL draft analyst. There man that brutal not that you need a friend to step in and tell urban hey dear really want this and you do have some of your former players there but is that enough. The two questions I have if I was going to be a coach for a team. I want to know what my owners like being around him. Who EZE which is personality? How involved Izzy is he willing to go the extra mile you know? How important is winning to him? Is this his main business or is it a side business here and then I want to know who my my quarterback is. I would start in in that order because if I have an owner who is going to listen to me. I feel like he understands football because there are times when you've been in situations before in and people in this business where I go. I don't think that person should be in that position and I think you have an owner. Who shouldn't be involved in it? Who is that would make me really nervous? Because I can have a quarterback that I may not be all in on but the owner is the constant there. The quarterback is interchangeable angel. The owner is not take a break. Last call for phone calls close up.

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