Antonio Williams, Wayne, Jt Barrett discussed on MSU Football vs. Penn State


If a crazy happens the rest of the way to the buck guys yes gene has gives back at quarterback for ohio state and the ball to antonio williams running into his rights as large will run him down these cross the fifteen and he is knocked down at the seventeen yard line and it'll be second down and seven perfect wayne has good six three and two fourteen a redshirt freshmen for the buck guys on for jt barrett about a very nice day at qb the threw for two touchdowns and ran for two second down now for a high of states and seven about their 18 askins handsoff to williams try the middle does it give much at all you'll get a yard to the nineteen stop by fiancee's stall worth it'll be thirddown now six as stunner in terms of the way this games been played you felt like he was going to be a slugfest either team could win it but it's been all highest state all afternoon they're gonna walk away with a very impressive win forty eight to three third down at six for haskins and so antonio williams running to his left and williams's knocked down at the twenty one yard line that's the last play of the football game ohio state bounces back from a very difficult loss last week to beat the spartan seer forty eight two three let's go to says new but now with coat offensive coordinator mike trestle coach a tough game how do you get past this moving forward our guys will move forward obviously were upset about this one didn't play near our potential but our guys are type of guys a respond excoach back to you george all right staff the final score in columbus ohio state forty eight the sparks was three you're listening to the fox sports presentation of evidence you football pipes question if you're an unimportant rated business owner it's too.

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