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Got the majority of tonight's carries for the bears. So see if Evans throws here on third down and seven from the twenty-five. He does he'll roll was left out. Throws downfield. Great pitching catch at the forty receiver gets up to the forty five plenty enough for a Palmer ridge I down and that is what Mike MacIntyre like so much about Thai Evans, of course, ties committed to play quarterback at the university, Colorado. Yeah. Evans just rolled out to his left and threw a dart there to cayden Dudley Dudley stirred catch of the evening. He has all three receptions for the bears. So first in ten from the bear forty five yard line Evans once again the shotgun face. The handoff has all data throw hill air it outlook just through the hands of Dudley. And I think Dudley t Rex Tillerson short armed if he would have fully extended those arms. I think he makes that cat had a step on the defender there as you mentioned. Extend his arms quite long enough. If he would've brought that ball in. We would be talking about a plumber rich touchdown. Instead, we're talking about a second and ten from the bear forty five again Evans takes a snap. This time hand off to rule massive stiff arm allows rule to get through the line of scrimmage, and he gets down inside Pueblo south territory to the forty eight it'll be a couple yards shy of the first down bringing up. Third and short rules. Got over a hundred and twenty yards rushing. According to our unofficial stats here in the press locks. Don't sell yourself. Short shotgun. Snap in rural again on the Kerry has plenty here on third down. It will be a gain of four inside the thirty forty five excuse me down to about the forty two. And they'll move the change for the bears to forty eight left here in the second quarter. Palmer reach threatening driving with the score tied up at fourteen. And if you're palm ridge you want to get this ball in the end zone. Remember they received the opening kickoff. So south. We'll get the ball to start the second half. So this is a big possession offensively for the bears. Three wide receivers in on the play Evans. Takes a shotgun. Snap hill handed off in a big hit as the runner gets to the line of scrimmage Pueblo, south doing very good job of sniffing out. These runs in the direction in which they are going and now be a gain of one bring second down and nine. And.

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