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All were on hold while you're wagner thought rob blake of another folks come it's got a far roberson at you waving thereby gums five walking by mimic faces that you're trying to get you to crack yeah and they don't realize we can't crack we're not seriously anyway that's right who if we were serious about something it would be a pro that'd be a problem they were not ready cracked that's right that's not how how would you know yeah can't i can't tell anymore that's exactly right so what are you hear what i mean obviously you guys got the 10 nanometer you got a lot of things going on you got the let's say the 1865 more apt emily and create more that's actually doing better than ever thought it would you know kiss i always think of the as the when they is kind of a tradition was platform right somebody likes that likes it because what it is and likes it because the traditional the package over 300 waiting hold three or semtex to buy fifty one nato maybe that's what it was designed to be so the fact that it's crossed over well for somebody reason wants to get that extra work read more really comes in moscow oh yeah a longrange cartridge now desert do great yeah it kicks a little bit less i think we have to think wherever you knows popularized the ammunition for the popularity of the gun right because one's not as his communist is three away you know any nothing is throughout the world it's readily available everywhere in their own g panel and i'm also hearing that in the military uh there's a real moved 6'5 whether snipers today are almost any of the platforms that we normally shoot a 300 weighed on they're looking for replacement and they're dealing with diff they're messing with different cases you know to sixty israel prominent right cream more israel prominent but the six five calibre when you run our won twenty nine to one 42 rainbow it.

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