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And the only reason he's in seventh and not in the top five is because of the injuries yet to deal with this season so he couldn't off get off the block extremely strong. But don't be surprised if you see in the in the top five maybe even top three next season at just twenty four years old. He's got so much potential At number six. I have someone who also has incredible potential and made his debut on this list and that is declan rice and i know some people might think this way too high for declan rice. He's very good talent young talent. He's only twenty two years old but maybe he's not this level yet but on the contrary man i mean there is nothing that declan rice cannot do i. He doesn't score a bunch of goals. Though he did have to in thirty two appearances last season he did get an assist as well and his defense is also amongst the best. I mean almost two point one interceptions per ninety minutes. The ninety four th percentile. He's got an eighty six point. Four pass completion percentage is progressive. Passer good gets more than five game. He's also very solid with the ball is feet. He's got great technical skills He just doesn't get asked to do that much on offense van. 'cause he's partnered there with thomas susak who is a much better offensive midfielder so they have him move up rice. Stay a little bit more back. Be part of the part of the defense than anything but it's just all the different things that declan rice does. It's just vital to west hand success and for him to go at twenty two years old to be the captain of their squad already. It just goes to talk about his leadership and his maturity as a player. And i look at i. I like looking at all those things. When when i'm thinking about my ranking so yes it is a view and he's already at six but that's the kind of potential that i see a guy like declan rice a number five we have a rotary. He is one of the only movers on this list. Are the guys that moved up in you. Know he's moved to places up seventh last season But man he is just an absolute magician with the ball. I mean his ability to pass ninety. Almost ninety. Two percent pass completion. That's in the ninety seven percent. Townie passes the about ninety one times per ninety minutes so to get that many passes and completed that many times. It's it's just invaluable. I mean his ab- it's just so vital to what manchester city lead love to do when he gets those progressive passes going. He's also very good taking the ball on making those runs up. His progressive perry carries are amongst the best among midfielders with six point. Eight per ninety minutes in the ninetieth percentile. he's also an incredible defender. Two point five tackles for ninety minutes. It's in the sixty fifth percentile and clearances and aerials. He's among the best two point one. Almost two point two clearances ninety minutes eighty six percentile and areas. One almost three game. It's the ninety fifth percentile This guy can literally do just about anything. And if we're talking about offense maybe he doesn't do a little bit and he doesn't do enough on that end since he only had two assists in two goals in his thirty four premier league appearances shock creating actions. Which is you know actions that he makes that either lead to a shot or to a goal which whatever the case may be. He's got about two point. Three per ninety minutes in the seventy second percentile so for a guy that's known more for his ball distributing and his defense. He can do a little bit on that attacking end as well. So is jack-of-all-trades in a vital piece of that manchester city a unit. And that's why he's at number five makes his debut at my top five. Senator defensive midfielder list now easily. The biggest jumper on this list has to go to fa- menial. And yes. I have fabio at number four because of all the contributions he made to liverpool season. This year just the ability to go from center midfielder to center defensive midfielder to a full back to a centreback. Whatever you want for beano can literally do it. All i mean you're talking among midfielders. He's already one of the better. Passers ninety point. Six percent pass completion. It's in the ninety four. Th percentile tackles one point eight. Almost one point nine interceptions per game. Two point nine tackles that's eighty percent above clearances. Three point seven clearances game. That's an ninety nine percent tile. He is in the like the scrummage of everything. He is the guy that does all the dirty work and does not ask for any praise and still only twenty seven years old. Still got room to you. Know just continue to be this good and just the number one thing that makes me put him. This high is his versatility easily. The his versatility to be put anywhere on the field from midfield and behind and he will thrive for you and was just so important to what liverpool were doing this past season and it's uae. They were able to have a champions league Run we're able to make it to the champions league spot right before the end of the season is about as big of a part of that as anyone else on that team so just huge props to for and what he was able to do this season. As when virgil van dyke went down. A lot of people were saying who in the world is going to go into that center back position for being filled it in and was an even though they still didn't have any a second guy that was decent enough to make To make the defense good you know. Because whenever they had jordan henderson they're just didn't work out. But fabio no problems with him. I mean because his defense is top notch in one of the best on this list At number three we have one of the best senator defensive midfielders in the world. And that's casimiro man. I mean what this guy can do on the offense event and be almost like the best on the defensive and makes me feel like maybe. I'm shortening him a little bit because i had a number one last year because i mean what he was able to do for that. Real madrid defense. Just make them as good as any in the entire world was a sight to see but obviously this year. It wasn't as good but that has nothing to do with casimiro. was contributing. I mean two point. Nine aerial one per game ninety. Four th percentile. Two point seven clearances ninety third percentile. Two point three blocks ninetieth one point. Eight interceptions eighty four percentile in two point. Eight tackles per ninety minutes seventy eighth percentile and then his ability.

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