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And thus watchable in televisual terms in herself. But in terms of knew who don't think they're any weaker less stimulating companions because all the others have been so much larger than life. I'm not give us your page to to Martha venting. She's fine. I find her a little bit cornball sometimes. Dr. I'm bringing you back to Earth. I found that a little bit corny, but I don't think I don't think there's anything wrong with having a not larger-than-life character wage in and not dwelling too much on the companions themselves because that allows the stories to breathe and it just so happens where we have the most muted character in Martha who is absolutely the fine, but it just so happens when we have the least concentration on the companion. In a season or a season Arc or a story, you know that we happen to have in my opinion. What is the best season of Doctor Who and for me that is something I'm Flexin on a lot especially at the moment with Seasons 11:00 and 12 where we have lots of noise and lots of foam what the companions are going through age. The the it's just a lot of screen time that is is is left to trying to somehow dip into the companions lives and draw parallels with what a young audience might be watching without conclusion like the dyspraxia and the depression and all of that and as a subsequent effect of that the stories themselves are truncated and less dramatic and the stories are sacrificed in order to try and put lights on the companions. So my point about Martha is it's absolutely fine job. She's perfectly fine. She's perfectly well played some of it's a little bit calm Ball but not having Rose and not having center of attention Donna and not having the focus being on the companion art allows for better storytelling and that is why I like Martha. Okay. Oh, yeah. I don't know. I liked her in-home. The Cybermen to parts were the Daleks Cybermen thing at the end of the previous season when she was playing the cousin or something and I just thought that she would choose choose a good good enough actress, but the didn't like the particular part that they took created for in this in and the whole kind of you know, unrequited love with the doctor said, I don't know whenever people ask me why I'm not a key term after they always asked they'll say, oh, is it the unrequited love thing with the doctor? Is it that because I I guess that is the thing that most people at least Kenalog That and I say no. No, it's not that good. That's why it's like the time Warrior and the unquiet dead. I think you might have watched both of those. Don't come at me with you..

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