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A pass. Anyway he was a multi pro bowl player. Zach banner is a fourth round pick. Kendrick green is the third round. Pick ops kevin datsuns coming off of fantastic work year. So i think this this line has a chance to be better than that that line from twelve thirteen years ago. So there's open that regard we can ask the question. Are we want houses lying gonna perform. What's it gonna look like. How protective is it gonna be. How effective they really not gonna know now until these guys start playing in real games. And when i say real games i mean Preseason which is a real game but like preseason t see them in action. You're really not gonna know how effective they can truly be so And that's topic number one aggregate Six who actually was a fan of max starks. He was a bit of a celebrity. How about guys and let me try to say that name wartime chris. Kim jato i think I think i'm saying that right. Manca s says about the line about the old days. Benny was slightly more mobile back then might be hard to be successful moving like a statue. Well i'm not sure if he's as immobile as you think i think he just he was just afraid to hold onto the football too long maybe because of liability a within his line so so he got rid of the football quicker but i think he's still fairly mobile maybe not like he was ten years ago but he's not a statue to quote call. Ben rothlisberger statue. I think is a bit disingenuous. Or misleading. so here's another one from montana. s. I don't see how our line can last game vs a team like the browns. All their pass rushers. That's just the thing we don't know we don't know how to slide. Performance a unit because it's an entirely different unit in it was last year as far as you know in terms of personnel in terms of where certain players are playing now szucs on left side now. A lot of people say he's more of a natural left. Tackle the right tackle sack banners back. And he's going to get first crack at a full season as a starter. A right tackle. Kevin dodson's a starter in our. At least you presumed it is trai. Turner has no history with the steelers. And we still have yet to determine who the senator is going to be so it's completely different thing so so we don't know how this line gotta hold up against the browns and their pass rusher front seven. Am i do just fine. It might be a disaster. It might be like the super bowl with the chiefs and your line. We just don't know we can't put we can't assume anything. We can't presume anything because we got to see these guys in action. We're gonna see how they develop under under adrian klemm new the new coach. We're going to see how they how they respond to a more aggressive mindset With running the football in in in having more of a a bully mentality that more of a a passive talent. Like sean threat. Maybe even much before him as far as the kind of blocking schemes that use so we just don't know we don't know that's the fascinating part about about This lines we you know you can. You can assume it's gonna be bad based on on experience. Maybe even you know the pedigree because you don't have A couple of first round picks and a couple second round picks had before you just you just don't know so you know i think i it'll it'll it'll it'll be fascinating to see how it unfolds I guess my next topic is about again about the castro and him being the the speaker that that late os line and how bad it was. Pittsburgh made a concerted effort. Starting in two thousand ten to rebuild outline. I mean it wasn't just going to be about. Ben rothlisberger tweeting his game and becoming a different passer like art. The second set after twenty eleven season it was it was about Infusing that unit with talent and pittsburgh went years in between spending high draft picks on on on the offensive line. So markey's pounds. He was the first round pick in two thousand ten. He ushered in a in a whole new era and then the following year he had marcus gilbert come in and he was he eventually became the starting right tackle twenty twelve. The cashier fell in in their laps. As the twenty four th pick in the first round he was a right guard Ramon foster was undrafted. Free agent in two thousand nine at the two thousand eleven with year he became a full time starter and he never left. He was so incredibly. Durable wasn't is a left guard when my all time favorites and of course eventually They said on alvin away at left tackle and became one of the premier units in the nfl as far as offensive lines and they did their thing the cashier if you if you saw if you read the interview he did on with jim. Wechsel kim wechsel a steel city insider. He said his favorite time is a steeler. Was those like mid twenty ten teams with bell. brown martavis bryant. And all that offense all those points that they scored. It was a juggernaut and one of the biggest reasons because they had the line. You know ben. One from being sacked like fifty times a year to being sacked. Maybe fifteen or twenty. You know his sack percentage went from you know whatever. It was a one of the best in in in the nfl. So i mean that line was just an impressive unit in most multi pro bowl players multiple players. Obviously pouncey decastro volna wave. I think even gobert made a pro bore to he was one of the premier. Certainly wanted premier. Right tackles the game for a time there so released it to castro. He was last domino to fall as far as that unit. So now what you know what they built over the course of a few years in the early twenty tens is now gone so as i said earlier. We're certainly in in a new era as pertains to.

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