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You're not worried about I hate to say you're not overly worried about losing contained because that's the type of guy that if you lose contain, you could still chase them down to catch up with Philip. Fat Nose tackle inside pass pressure, come inside get it their legs get it. His knees take away his vision because the outside pressure will bins great at slide into yards up and let it rip and that's where you're GONNA get killed. So they're going to play this cat mouse game and we'll discuss at at at seven three, two, one, two, five, seven, nine, your thoughts on this game. But if you're Pittsburgh and you play the Texans hands, you got a chance and let texts get out of this funk. By dropping back in the throne contest, if you're the Texans and you decide that you're going to continue to mentally allow smart aggressive football teams dictate your temple offense by the way they play defense. It could end up worse defensively because this team if I took the talent for each defense right now, guys player for player who's got the most talented defense in the first three weeks. This one. I'm not sure I'm not saying that Baltimore's not physical Jones and frank in Toronto. Matthew, about has a whole. This is the nastiest of the three right there I would say the Ravens are a better team unit working together. steelers just have a bunch of dudes all. I can promise you this. You know who flies around better than this team flies around defense more than any of them that several steelers, the steelers have the AFC defensive player of the week last week. TJ Watt was named at this morning. Ten saxes a team, which is second the NFL they're gonNA get after you create havoc. The key, the biggest key this week may very well be how you deal with the mental and emotional havoc not not even the physical place you I'm GonNa Make Psalm. But how you deal with that relentless Pittsburgh's. Their linebacker today fly. Yeah. Vince Williams, frigging run and one thing that does suck for the Texans is the fact that the steelers have only given up three sacks this year and this week David decastro comes back who's as a world our. Top Level Guard in the latest, you're not getting through five guards without mentioning his name if you even get that far the cast a.

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