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Then more tragedy struck in october of nineteen oh to herman einstein died the just before his death herman and albert shared a tender moment with herman giving his son his blessings to marry malaysia yet einstein would be haunted for some time after believing his father saw him as a failure did he think i was never to amount to anything such was my fear as well with his deceased fathers blessings albert married mileva on january six nineteen o3 they married in a private ceremony at albert's office neither wanted family present so only close friends were invited their first son hohns albert einstein was born on may 14th nineteen 04 whether burden with guilt about what happened to lease real or by seeing the site of his child albert became a devoted father he built hans plenty of toys like a dad building legos for his kid the child also reinvigorated malaysia who had been struggling since the loss of lease real still the best was yet to come as nineteen o5 would prove to be einstein's miracle year am stein had always been fascinated by field theory sore theories that explained natural phenomena most scientists at the time tended to focus less on these theories accepting newton's law as the beall and all and that the earth existed in this sort of ether yet in nineteen o5 albert einstein changed the course of human history with four papers dubbed the annus mirabilis papers the miracle year papers.

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