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Summarize thousands of pages of reports and rebutted the attacks made against Washington by the delegates and others outside the army. An attack, the incompetence of the commissary and quartermaster departments. It further proposed a guarantee of half pay for life to encourage officers to remain with the continental army. Many officers were just as fed up with their men and were seriously considering just resigning and going home. The report also proposed a military draft to require state militia to serve one year stints in the continental army. With a twenty, five dollar reenlistment bonuses to be paid for a second year it also suggested the use of more free blacks in the army as well as greater use of allied native Americans. In summary, it laid out the desperate plate of the army and suggested the solutions necessary to build a more professional and functioning. Washington's presentation to the committee. All this impress the delegates who were struck by the plight of the army's lack of resources and by Washington's continued willingness to submit to civilian authority. Even when these civilians were not providing his men with the necessities of life. Washington's calls for a more professional army when against the revolutionary notions that a standing army was always a mark of tyranny and that militia should always be sufficient. Washington however made clear that such an army was a necessity. And that unlike other standing armies in history, his army would always remain subject to the civilian leaders in Congress. The committee spent several weeks at Valley forge meeting with Washington, and inspecting the army. When they returned to York in February they recommended passage of most of Washington's suggestions. Meanwhile, Washington struggle to keep his army alive would only continue. Next week, we're going to head over to France to discuss the first treaties recognizing the US as an independent nation. Hey thanks for joining the American Revolution podcast after show. Thanks to train aunts George Davis for their continued support at the Zander Hamilton glove level on Patriot on..

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