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In the market yesterday Half of the year as we kind of settle in here. today was up for ten style is data about one tenth of a percent but all in all day We heard a lot more or less. couple of days about the democrats and we'll see what happens at see who pops out in a situation so politics is still heir-apparent here we start looking at things also looks like spending is up a little bit and inflation still low americans love their big economic scenario in personal spending and income and spending four tenths of five tenths of a percent of what that means is we're probably going to continue to spending cornflakes not much was point five percent the estimate was point three percent so we could live with that one again year over year one point five percent versus one point six so not a whole lot to get anybody three excited about although at ten o'clock this morning not that it's exciting but the consumer sentiments coming out in our forecast hopefully looks to be a little bit better because it's how we feel that how we are not terribly exciting at that day but how we look in as we hit the half year mark on wall street well we're we're actually feeling pretty good about things right now the big consensus is figuring out what the feds to do with interest rates and they're expecting to do a cut and if they don't then we can have severe shoes but i think there's going to be a lot of talk about that and stocks yesterday we had that i._p._o. adaptive biotech looks like it's rallying again today so i continued to do pretty well and johnny is chief designing officers leaving apple although he's had some very little interest i would say in the last couple of years but again very strong the all the things that he's done over the years so he is going to be leaving also looking at nike solid results there constellation brands there in the spirit business canvas business and they're doing pretty good right now we're seeing the markets up for the dow up about one hundred six nasdaq up eighteen so let's see if we can have a good first half to post behind dave caruso from coastal capital group thank you as always for joining us nine twenty-seven let me ask you a question you get sixty five million dollars lying around will you do if you do we gotta deal for you the martha's vineyard estate of jackie kennedy onassis on the market red gape farm is three hundred forty acres main living space about sixty five hundred square feet is just perfect for entertaining the property has been maintained by caroline kennedy who's been overseeing renovation in the recent years but one all but one.

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