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He's afraid it'll get fire old yet but that's another weird thing right is that why are they not more afraid of the public opinion and trump's wise is trump's so i guess that's it. I would think that would be so hard to prove in court that someone would not proceed with the investigation out of if fear because no one's gonna come out and say yeah. I'm scared like that that's or thirty you're right. It's rare yeah yeah and to answer your question. Muller says two things here he says relevant circumstances bearing on that issue include whether the president's actions when he fire comey had the potential to discourage a successor director or other law enforcement officials in their conduct of the russia investigation and then he also said those actions had the potential to affect a successors directors conduct of the investigation have to come out and then kind of right right but it's just the active of firing him that way alone like the next director doesn't have to come out and say oh. I'm timid fly. I think what he's saying is that there could be a hundred reasons reasons that the next director wouldn't want to correctly and thoroughly investigate the russia investigation either he scared the public scared at trump. He's scared of getting fired. He thinks it's a hoax folks because trump told it was told him it was it could or her. It could be any number of reasons we we don't know what that really because we didn't. You know <hes> run run into that <hes> but yeah and since d._o._j. Officials are so by the books would be hard to prove which one of those maybe they were falling victim to you yeah because then you have to go to intent again and they would definitely not do what trump did right yeah. That's the whole reasoning behind them potentially not wanting to continue can you the investigation is because they want to keep their job. They sure as shit aren't gonna come out and say yeah. I'm not doing the investigation because i'm afraid i'm gonna lose my job totally right. Oh they'll come out and say we're investigating getting were thoroughly moving along and behind the scenes. They're just volunteered to their filing. Everything that comes to him. You know like oh yeah this is great thanks for finding that and and none of it would ever come out because they either don't want to get fired or they're afraid or they think it's a witch hunt. Whatever it is yeah i think mueller is saying here that it's not about just firing komi that would impede the investigation him being gone on the investigation can go on it's about a potential successive director and and they could impede the investigation so i think i think there is an obstructive act here and then in the next two preceding the next element would be satisfied by evidence showing that a grand jury proceeding or criminal prosecution arising from an f._b._i. Investigation was objectively foreseeable and actually contemplated by the president when he terminated komi and several facts would be relevant to such a showing at the time <hes> the president fired komi a grand jury. We had not begun to hear evidence related to the russia investigation. No grand jury subpoenas had been issued a march twentieth however komi announce the f._b._i. Was investigating russia including routing and assessment of whether any crimes were committed and it was widely known that the f._b._i. As part of the russian investigation was investigating the hacking of the d._n._c. Computers a clear criminal offense and in addition at the time. The president fired komi evidence indicates. The president knew that flynn was still under investigation. Criminal investigation could potentially be prosecuted despite the president's february fourteenth eighteenth two thousand seventeen request that komi let the flint thing go. Was it a valentine's day card and i love you. He put it on one of those little crunchy hearts. Yeah left lane go rhino. Maybe maybe much on march fifth in the white house. Counsel's office was informed. The f._b._i. Was asking for transition period period records relating to flynn indicating the f._b._i. Was still actively investigating flynn so well. We have so far as miller saying. The president didn't think he was specifically underestimation but he knew that there was a broader f._b._i..

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