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Of Dorothy Parker I can like everyone to listen to just how funky this track is how funky is that Susannah Melvoin she taught prince a lot the one of the things she taught him about was Dorothy Parker at this American poet and short story writer and essayist who was renowned for her quick wit prince was really eager to get the song recorded but as it turned out as we're recording this song I'm recognizing this console sounds awful the whole thing sounded like it was muffled like it was under a blanket and prince was okay with that it's not that he didn't hear it is that he was cool with it because the song had come to him in a dream so the whole thing is about this dream state he had a dream he told me about it he had it you wrote about it you can hear what he said he had a dream that he met someone and she had a really quick wit and he really liked that and she tried to seduce him but he said no I'm kind of going with someone else Suzanne at that time and now she says well let's take a bath nieces great cancel that was so that's again prince was very honest lyric writer and windy what he tells you when this lyric is what he was thinking you really hear his roots on this album if you listen closely to the ballad of Dorothy Parker it reads as a pure narrative he's telling you a story but that is one funky story what a great track our final song in this gateway to prince's sign of the times album is called a door when we were making door with prince he spoke out loan he wanted to win back his core audience meaning the folks who listen to R&B and soul.

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