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There's between three and five rounds to Bishen around that this this is the veterans kinda take over, you know, and I can finally say the goal is to five part rounds. Beaches Johnson's I got I, I understand it. There's a threshold. There's a happy medium to this. Listen, man, we can't say enough. We're happy for you yet. We both picked you. He keeps of course. All right. Well, Henry, congratulations. I look forward to your next fight again. I'm guessing if it's going to be, I know they DJ has got some type of work he needs done, so we'll see how long he may be out for, but you had nothing major and you're ready to get back into camp soon. Yeah. I'm not that type of guy that that takes the back on the train and I'm not that guy. I'm. I'm. Unless you take time, I put in all work, the gym. Have I taken my time and and relax. Enjoy gets bad. They will back to the Jim. Awesome. Enjoy getting fat before the gym relate. I appreciate it. Got he. That's what we have to show. He's a lot to what was great talking to you and congratulations on on a victory that stunned a lot of people, but not us cause rats. No, I, I appreciate it guys. You guys have. All right. Here we take. All right. Champ. I gotta payroll. People love and underdog kepi they do. I couldn't even not. Well, let's take a break in the is to call. Couldn't people show. Brian Ortega loves the fight. He loves the strategy and you know, LSU loves. I know what he loves. Matt triangles. Bryant t city what he does. Oh, you also look to your tires. That's right because a triangle and not help your that makes your car, clunky. If you put triangles where the wheels belong, it wouldn't be a smooth ride. No b. but like Brian Ortega ties or tough as they come there, the official tires of the UFC look, there's a lots love about Toyo tires. They have aggressive design, proven on and offroad capabilities tires for any weather and the toughness tobacco, all up a confidence that comes with tires. So no matter what you're driving, no matter where you're driving, you can count on Toyo tires. My tires are not tough. I have no confidence, see a girl and I go, you don't wanna get in the car. You can. My tires aren't tough Bronco Tegas tough. Of course. He's always confident. That's why tough people love tough tires. If you're tough, these are the tires for you toy. Tie yours. I tried something different worked. Thank you. The next time you need tires. Yes, for Toyo the official tire of the UFC learn more at Toyota t. o. y. o. Toyo tires dot com. Backslash UFC Toyo tires dot com. Backslash UFC. How was your bathroom break?.

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