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Of us. My little brother in the car. So. You just started dancing stumbled drugs in August. What I gotta say police originally tried to pull the man over for erotic driving if you'd like to see the video it's up on handles page. KFI AM six forty dot com. Keyword handle. San Francisco is considering a ban on e cigarette. Sales city attorney Dennis Herrera says the FDA has given the e cig industry pass these companies may hide behind the veneer of harm reduction. But let's be clear their product is addiction. The biggest e cig manufacturer jewel is based in San Francisco. Joel says an e cigarette bandwidth limit adults access to products that can help them quit. Real cigarettes. Senator Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak at a union rally at UCLA about ten thousand unionized research and technical workers are staging a walkout today at ten UC campuses and five hospitals around. The state Sanders is also scheduled to hold a rally in downtown LA Saturday as part of his presidential campaign. A federal judge. In DC is blocked the Trump administration's transgender military ban. The Pentagon is planning to put the policy into effect next month, the US supreme court lifted to other injunctions on the policy last month. The Pentagon says it's consulting with the Justice department on what to do next. British Prime Minister Theresa may has asked the European Union to delay Brexit by about three months. The UK is due to leave the EU and nine days, but parliament has rejected maze negotiated plans for how to handle the exit a delay to Brexit requires approval from the twenty-seven other you members the countries are set to meet tomorrow in Brussels and seven World War Two vets have started their journey from LAX to the battlefields of their past best defense foundation. President Donny Edwards says this is the thirty second battlefield visit. He's organized. I still get emotional every time.

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