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Isn't occurring in my life. I refuse to engage. I'm having a rating pretty good mug. My touch moves on happening. World's default didn't give whatever. Don't care now. I'm join much to let this shadow. Somebody posted a in the in the group. The video the meme of like the kid drowning in like venom to as everyone else is talking about spider man. No hope the kid in the bottom pitcher is like the corporate of the c. Which is more bs. And i was like accurate accuracy. I couldn't even see that part of the of the mean because cage with this. You're right it's not regal. It looks like nothing to me. Shit something that's not nothing talking about spiderman far from home trailer and I swear to concede motherfucker. Younger people denied the seasons. Podcast first of all. Thank you young folk. Second of all. You don't know the things i've seen. I took a girlfriend. is he goes to. I've seen shit right. We've we've been through a lot man we've been through a lot and let me tell you something else nerds of all age. I was told that one more day was a bad story. I was told the maintenance and you can be redeemed. I was also told the clone saga a thing of the nineties was frowned upon. Like hall of foil covers and aussie paper interior. I'm here to tell you the timber. Second twenty twenty one in riley will soon be spiderman in one more day will soon be a fucking movement twice next question question man. Listen this said this prejudice mccolm like one more day said what's this ship spiderman in this role where he'd be the new tony stark and he. Danny there wear the massive admit some of the people. That's how i know it's fucking know this shit too evil. No let's get strange holiday boy in columbia road like a hoodie. And this is the most most new york knick after he's temptation shooting. Hello dr got. As i said i think you could on piste out because every time to wipe was getting out. Not this seems like this one. Too many white boys piece stays peace and that was like a second extra white person arrives. Wong's like sandwiches. Here's how you know how you should go now. Like we see one fighting abomination and a cage match. And he's like he's down for that shit but like whatever strange in peter about the do now. What no fuck lower. These two hung out dated off the fucking playing the race. Happy universe. I'm getting the fuck out of how many vacation time change. Don't do the thing. I'm telling you should do the to once i'm gone. No i saw someone on the internet and this is i. I'm doing the thing that accused of doing on the much. A reviewing what if on premium show to achieve subscribe. Someone said to someone mentioned is like documentaries character. He's never this reckless to which i replied. I invite you to read one doctor story. That doesn't start with duck. Strengthening greg spock and reckless chris de we talk strange what whose whose entire career arts in the films starts with him stealing and breaking the laws of time. That's actually stealing books on how to do is talk. This is the doctor trained me routinely maker poor choices in and literally. Okay all right not because they're gonna be so reckless who sure must be nice care so we see strangers intimately involved and then we go the spell go. Rock is peter's dick Let me get the shots. All these always Old villains like maybe the lizard that we haven't even seen him before he sam man. I'm seeing a hint of lightning electro and of course that fucking bomb. Yeah then offer believe Yeah we have auden's yeah man. I'm i'm i'm all in and he's back in the in the the iron aren't spider to he's in halls point Goal to to appoint a trailer down for a cd. A lot of suits aggressee. So and i think this you know. I hate this but i gotta do it. Because they're gonna ask why we didn't do it. Do you have any theories of this yet entirely yet because marble cut a trailer hide muslim. And that's and that's and that's why i'm like they. They actively misleading their trailers. Sometimes so i would rather not take guesses right now particularly because what. They're showing us in the tv shows on on dc plus like there's so many things they can do right. I mean we're in the middle and we you head over to the care to corner. Listen to our fantastic four hickman part one of the fantastic four part one piece and yeah. You'll see we're very excited about the future here because these folks are not playing. There's all gas no breaks if this is going to be a fucking problem because here's the thing. Here's the thing this film. But it's also technically sony field so i don't know what the deal is now. How they're doing this. They clearly worked with sony and stuff like that but like this even really fares right is there's but also not really there's and there's that's been such an amazing thing to me watching marvelously this works. They don't work like a traditional studio does. Can you imagine other studio making a move for another studio in putting their all into it and basically ono part of the overall storytelling kind of you know. We're gonna get something out of it but like the juice is worth the squeeze. Yeah which is you know you wish other people will learn this but yeah man. It's so we had that Then there was the eternal trailer where they basically turned into capable superman. chris like. I've seen articles like. Oh the war's quietly ended in. Dc and mario because they enacted could last shot at acura. Doing the heat vision is flies. Because i've watched it your cold. I watched it and i was like disagree. Just like you know what it was it was could we just before. I'm silver surfer going like unacceptable. It's like acceptable and it was late. Herb dean.

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