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Blocked the channel to my soul to my source in me just like if you block the channel to your source in you. It's going to cut it off. I really look at it like like this like ultra encrypted Ethernet cable going to source and no one can pack it. No one can hack it and this we give them. The code owed right. Here's the code you can hack my source and by that I mean they say something to us and we allow it to get into our mind and affect us right and hack that you know that channel and decrypt that right and then they get in and they they get into our mind mess with our psyche and we think well it affects us it. Fritz is with our energy right vibration and it makes it drop whatever we start feeling this and that near the thing and it messes with our vibration and our alignment knocks us out of alignment yeah but we could reset the code right we can make it more encrypted code and so- resetting the code blocking net personnel and not allowing them to come into our space or into our channel then it's all back on us but it really is alignment and I feel kinda silly that I forgot it but I'm not going to dwell. Oh too much on it because that's what we do we move on and go forward but alignment is really key. Now I want to share with you. A quote here from Abraham Hicks about alignment who is probably like one of my greatest teachers and just keep going back and back to their stuff because they're there's just so pure and so right on the money it I mean. How could it not be right. That's what they are. They know a lot of stuff. That perspective is very very clear. So whatever it says about alignment is this and I'm quoting here. Your true power does not come from physical collection but from vibrational alignment your true power does not come from physical action but from vibrational alignment see see I love that and when we're in alignment where in our full power and we bring our full power to anything that we're doing when we're out of alignment we don't quite get the results that we want because how could we right were fragmented right where we're not in perfect alignment and so really really important and I hope that you'll bring that idea into your business in your life and spend some time getting into alignment before were you take the action and before you put a success formula into play and then you'll get the more of the results that you want so. I thought it was appropriate to talk about alignment in in this episode because it really is huge. I hope that's been helpful to you on your journey and I know it will help you get more of the results that you want in life before we wrap up. I want to also invite you to visit focus and Flow Dot C._O. Remember focus and flows all about products and apparel for conscious creators now now what's the point of focus and flow well focus and flow is about using and wearing products and apparel that remind you that you're we're an infinitely creative being that remind you that all you need to do all any of us need to do is harness the creative power in US focus it and flow it into the experiences that we wanna have and by that. I mean focus on the feeling that you WanNa have win you. <music> are are the person you want to become when you're doing the things you want to do and when you have the things and experiences that you WANNA have it's all about the be do have. It's all about using that creative energy which can go anywhere. We want it to remember in the beginning of the PODCAST. I was talking about the fact that if you look for negative in your life you're gonna find it. There's no question if you look for positively in your life. You're going to find that to wherever we focus. We're going to magnify situations and it's all about perspective in the game of life. It's all about perception when you perceive something in a certain light it becomes that when you perceived it in a different different light it becomes that so focus and flow is about helping you remember. You're an infant creative being you your source energy your the one universal so consciousness and so am I that is having this perception of being in a human form or this perspective of being human form and living this life right when we go away the the the force or the energy that is us. That's flowing through us just like gets flowing through animals and birds and trees will go back and who knows what happens after that but I know that it won't be in our body anymore at least in this form because our body our our physical body our bones and skin and minerals and water which are which are all just kind of like Klay. Right talked about that a few episodes ago I really view us as little dancing clay figures with this animated God force or God's spark within US ended. We're going about doing our thing right. When when that's forced goes out aww spark goes out then we'll just be klay again will be elemental minerals back into the earth again so when you look at it that way you? I think it's a game changer in my mind because we can direct that infinitely creative power in us to anything we want in life. This is why people have success. This is why people well. It's why people have success in its why people don't have success right whatever we're focusing on. We're going to create more of whatever ever we want to be. Whatever we hold in our consciousness use our imagination to live in the end and experience actually embody that person and embody doing those things and embody having those experiences? We're going to create that. The force creates it. Whether you want to say that you create it or the source creates it. That's all a little bit more more semantics but that is the power that we have as human beings and so something not to be taken lightly and that's focus and flow is all about helping every human being remember that we are focusing creatures and again as Abraham Hicks one of their famous quotes you can focus anything into being you can focus absolute Salihi anything into being because of that you know divine entity within you that channel that force that energy that is within all of us data Swabi autofocus things into being. That's why we create stuff right. That's why we create stuff out of out of seemingly thin air or the ether like inventors and innovators talk about pulling ideas out of the air they come to us through that channel of replugged in tuned in and say hey you know here's an idea for you. It's packaged up and sent to you because you asked for it right here. It is go make it happen or don't make it happen because there's another idea right behind it and there whereas infinite ideas right behind that I'm working on some more content for the new series that just launched called on the go which is a video series up on Youtube at YouTube dot com slash G Mark Phillips and I've got an episode that I think you'll really enjoy all about turning ideas to things and all about about helping you remember that there's infinite things that Wanna come through from the other side into this physical world and not only there. Is there infinite things I wanna come through but infinite things that Wanna come through to you specifically to you wherever you are whatever you do. Your channel is full of those those ideas that only you can bring in the world in your own unique way just like. I have a channel for me. That's only filled with ideas that are for me right which isn't to say someone else might not bring the idea into the world that was sent to you but they won't bring it in the way that you would bring it right. It'll be different different. It'll be slightly different and so I'm excited to show that episode with you. So if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel you can do that youtube dot com slash G Mark Phillips. That's a fun new new series that I'm putting together on Youtube that I'm having a lot of fun with so all right. Let's wrap up the podcast at that point. I really appreciate you tuning in and UH listening to my talk about alignment. I'm really passionate about it. It's totally crazy how I like totally spaced the fact that alignment is the underlying theme in everything we do in life if we want to have a lot of success so if you haven't listened to episode one hundred and eleven that still good content. I feel that formula that success formula La is really viable one shoe plug and like overlay this idea of alignment onto it so that's the episode as always these are really do appreciate your listening. I couldn't do the podcast without you listening. I love the fact that <hes>. You're part of this journey that I'm on here and with my guests send some of the concepts and ideas that I share with you here in these episodes so really thank you very much. I really do appreciate it and until next time all the best health wealth and Success S. bye-bye uh..

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