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What ever they want to see about set the record straight I'll be able to talk about everything firstly sports fantasy football even politics okay let me just say to Bob Dole fathers out there happy father's day if you do want nice fatherly message yes right exactly even though I killed her mother I want to just wish you a happy father's day better fathers day mothers it's okay I I I I'm like I I saw this I'm like I don't know what is wrong with social media please enter people have a voice right although I will I I would say this I hope he endorses Donald Trump I really don't I really do I seem to get if they seem perfect for each other all right now now hold on hola he wants to address the one thing is most upset about here not that everybody thinks you killed as wife and Ron Goldman that he might be the love father of Khloe Kardashian right people to say in that course when we look like the other Kardashian right it's like you know Bob's other kids hello Twitter world uses of yours truly Bob good as soon he's like a brother to me your WGN news the man the myth the legend here is Roger bash thank you very much mark though federal officials say deportation raids have begun and nine major US cities officials from the Illinois coalition for immigrant refugee rights hadn't gotten any reports for their hotline or network of community groups as of Sunday mid morning but Aaron com president Chicago chapter for the American immigration lawyers association says quote it doesn't mean it isn't happening it could be happening on a smaller scale Democrats are condemning president trump after he tweeted that a group of democratic Congress woman of color should go back to the broken and crime infested countries from where they came those are his words trump is ignoring the fact that the women are American citizens and all but one was born in the US three people found dead after a house fire near elm Hurst last week were members of the family who died in a murder suicide committed by the families mother that according to an ongoing investigation the victims identified as forty three year old.

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