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The company, but one of the devices do with your privacy. Does that meet our minimum standards? Of a cool idea. Yeah. It really is. It's also a, you know, if you if you look at the privacy, non included list, it's nicely done sites and many products that I was I worried about these not necessarily, but it's nice to get that Mozilla seal of approval if you were will. Yeah. Especially okay. Let's take the Microsoft, Mark one. It's a smart speaker. It's off brand. But maybe I find a little bit of a deal on it. Right. And I'm thinking, oh, I might buy this for one of my relatives. My my sister or my father share. But by less of that brand. Yeah. I haven't worked with this company before you're not totally sure and Muslim has done your research for you. It's meets our minimum security standards. Okay. Suddenly, I feel a little better about it. And if I want to dig in myself that talk about what kind of encryption it uses what its privacy policy is what kind of controls. I have you can you can dig into some of the stats there. It's at the Mozilla foundation Mozilla dot org. We'll have a link to it in the show notes as well. Go check it out. Sorry. I'm looking at this adorable alarm clock that I just really want now Sarah for. Thanks. Yes. Was that obvious enough? Alphabet owned deep minds health division, including the stream at for assisting doctors and nurses will be transferred to alphabet owned Google's Google health division. The deep mind health division has partnerships with ten inch has hospitals to process medical data in the UK the street map ran into controversy over its use of one point six million patients data in Royal free hospital in London lawyer and privacy expert. Julia Powell's pointed out, the deep mine promise to never connect people's intimate identifiable health, data to Google accounts products or services and deemed the transfer trust demolition deep..

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