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I mean at pretty quickly they're going to realize hey the latest army didn't come yeah it's five they're busy fighting you know this relates perfectly to survive or tokens genes well we let the others tribe kill each other off and then we swooped in and finished up the pieces classic you know move they she's going to let these two big armies tear each other to pieces and then she can just move in and you know jamie's saying like what are you talking about at the dearth rocky are there and you know they how can we set up at the directly there's gonna be a lot less stuff iraqi after the battle with way walker's yeah what i did respect sirc's point of like really what is the lancaster army going to do i mean the last army out of me even hold their own against the dragons let alone the army of the dead so i kinda feel like that she did have a fair point there but so jamie ends up go marching north by himself to join this army what did you buy that stephen i mean at some point you know what is the thing right what is the tipping point for jamie we said i feel like his whole season has been jay meeting owlry jamie being outraged and then something has got to give and yes seeing a living zombie i think what might be i mean another living zombie actor robert strum a senior living zombielike come chasing chasing out though i think that's the point where you're like you know what we need to put our differences aside.

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