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Become to me. I and let me make the introduction verse eighty some cash <hes> you can send me an email at taty blueberry dot com of course that's ringing reach me normally at geek news on twitter and then we'll be next saturday. We will be at <hes> outline air so i don't know what we're doing. Are we next week rob. I don't know what we're doing either. I mean unless we try and do something well. I've got three. I'm in three cities over a week and a half two weeks so i mean i. I've like one day in between each city so it's a it's going to be busy time so we'll have to coordinate how we can possibly do this. Maybe maybe from the the road near. I don't know so. I'm here monday through thursday then leaf route liar that i'm back sunday monday tuesday that yes. I'm all over the place. We'll figure it out. We'll get something out in. It may not be video just because both robin is scheduler insane <hes> but <hes> the goal is to be here as often as possible in the new studio. Oh be live <hes>. I've got to get the studio down in blueberry headquarters built so that we could be live when i'm down there and weekends which i'm going to be quite a bit in the near in near month or so so that <hes> be a different space but at least we'll be able to be face to face with each other online at yeah. Yeah i mean over the next. I <hes> six weeks or so weeks. There's just a barrage of events now. The the she podcasts live event in atlanta the radio show in dallas and the outlier here so there's just a lot of stuff going on right now. This is like the second wave of podcast conferences. If you live in texas there is gonna be a podcasting event in san antonio in october and then of course there's the hollywood it does what is actually called. I'm pulling up digital hollywood digital hollywood event in november. It's on november fourteenth down and down a hollywood. I'm i'm gonna any moderating a panel down there and on a panel sponsoring the event down there it's going to it's got a great lineup of speakers that are coming into that event so a lot of leaders from big media to podcasting companies coming in coming together on that the optic. It's called podcast forum that's going on. It's going to have a whole area that people can come in and sit on chairs and talk and and network with each other and so it'd be a real interesting and if you'd like us to do this show live at your event. We should talk but <hes> robin. I do this show out of our own back pocket. It's not sponsored by perspective companies. Keep that in mind and therefore there we can do it but if we're not there then <hes> support will be needed believe that we're going to be doing the show live at digital digital hollywood right so that's the thing that's on the on the docket. We're trying to get this live at as many events as we can and i go to a lot the same events so we've had <hes> we had four or five hundred people listen to show at podcast movement and <hes> it's gained some momentum here recently so tell your fellow podcasters about the show and <hes> and and don't forget podcasters subscribe please nina show dot com or everyone thinks we're seeing time here on the east over would take care of next time and thanks doctor pal..

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