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Dan Do the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener. Discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder torture her sexual assault necrophilia. Cannibalism and violence against children. That some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children. Children under thirteen in May nineteen ninety-one twenty five year. Old Daemon was found strangled in his own home. At Milwaukee's he's Oxford apartments. The building had a locked entrance. So every tenant immediately became a suspect including the quiet man in unit two thirteen Jeffrey Dahmer. When dumber opened his door to see a detective on the other side he panicked? He had a closet full of skulls organs in the freezer. His latest victims flayed skin was was still soaking in a barrel of salt water. He was sure he was about to be arrested. He tried to remain calm as the detective asked him about a recent homicide. A black male mid twenties named Dean Vaughan but tension lifted. Dahmer didn't have anything to do with that murder. He gave an honest statement provided an alibi and the cop was on his way. Dahmer may not have killed his neighbor Dean Vaughan but he had already killed eleven other people and by the end of the month he would kill two two more. None of these homicides would ever be investigated by the Milwaukee Police. Hi I'm Greg pulsing Elson. And I'm Vanessa Richardson every Monday. Vincent I co host serial killers a podcast original. This is the final episode of our special on Jeffrey Free Dahmer. The Milwaukee Chemical at par cast. Were grateful for.

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