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Been happening is they'll open up vials of vaccine expecting people who are scheduled to come and then people don't show up. Now, what do you do? We know these things have to be kept under the precise conditions And so some places were throwing them away. Although apparently a clinic in Inglewood didn't do that. Instead of throwing them away. They gave them to people who weren't yet under the criteria to get vaccinated and found themselves the subject of TMZ story so you can't win. If you throw him away your terrible in the county's mad at you for wasting precious vaccines, But if you think on your feet and get him into somebody's arm There are 11 at your door and think of this that there are many places Disneyland where you wait for a spot to open up. You know, for example, you have a reservation. Or you can't get a reservation for weeks at a restaurant. Put me on the reservation list High Ex canceled out. Can you come in tomorrow afternoon? We have that, uh, that should be on the website or that should be part of reservation And we can't get you in until March. But give us your number. And then you start going down the list. Can you be there in half an hour can so there, But again, it's all planning. It all has to do with planning of which there is none. Yeah, Even you know, this is a Lake County on L. A county criticism going on, Supervisor Janice Hahn said, really upset because we asked the county Long back in September to put together a comprehensive rollout plan and they really didn't do it. And also I mean the way the the vaccine has to be defrosted. On put for X number of hours. Well, I mean, I've got one word for you Microwaves. Microwave oven. You put it in. You put it on number three defrost for 45 seconds And there it is Ready to plot. You know, you have to wait a couple seconds because it keeps on cooking, And the instructions are always.

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