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Precise traffic on demand gets traffic Chicago act approved by the mortgage experts of team hyper just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago merry band bell WGN traffic central and the WGN forecast meteorologist Tim McGill putting sunshine again today we'll see a few high clouds drifting here later on this afternoon otherwise sunny skies mild and pleasant seventy one or seventy two today a little cooler lakeside mid upper sixties there partly to mostly cloudy today clouds rolling down around fifty four so not quite as cool and it's tomorrow mostly cloudy could see a shower towards evening just a stray shower much of the day dry high seventy two showers likely on Friday few thunderstorms to falling temperatures will start off in the sixties in the morning near seventy a drop in the fifties at least by the afternoon maybe forties by the evening sixty seven for the high early in the day Saturday partly to mostly sunny breezy and quite a bit cooler high of just forty nine Sunday partly to mostly sunny the high and low fifties and to make up of the double jump on the center it's fifty three degrees had here fifty fourth the lake front convict Vaughn on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN the headlines courtesy of share market operators themselves on Tuesday the London Stock Exchange down a the six percent on the Hong Kong books up over three percent on news that the latter has pulled the plug on its thirty nine billion dollar bid for the former it's post Charles Lee indicated this team at being unable to engage with LSC management the London boss didn't comment US wholesale prices unexpectedly sank in September the producer price index dropped zero point three percent that's the steepest decline since January economists had been expecting a slight increase weighing on that index gasoline prices they fell sharply in September dragging down wholesale energy prices a drop in the cost of trade services was another factor on a twelve month basis the P. P. I. rose one point four percent that's the smallest increase in nearly three years today even more of the world economy is moving can see unfortunately this time growth is decelerating to be precise in twenty nineteen we expect slow growth in nearly ninety percent of the world's in other words the world economy is now in synchronized slow down WGN radio daily conversation about the life of business and the business of life this is the opening bell with Steve on seven twenty good morning everyone welcome to the program today is Wednesday its the ninth of October and it's five oh nine in the morning thank you for tuning in for another edition of the opening bell another business day getting under way lots going on this morning we're going to update all the markets from around the world momentarily will also check out the business.

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