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Jersey, but they haven't reached here, and the sun is out, and it looks like after a very dire forecasts for around this time doesn't look like it's bad at all. There's no plows. It's sky is blue. The sun is out and we're getting ready for. For baseball. Well the. The MP's are out on the field. Chris Conrad behind the plate Mark Carlson at first, Jeremy, re Hackett second and the crew chief is Bill Miller. And he is at third base lineups have been exchanged going over the Brown rules, and we'll be back with the start of tonight's game after this. This is the WFAN New York Yankees radio network. The warriors side of views with the players throughout the week machine. Draymond green, I think to a hit where he was saying, well, why are we such big favorites in this series? No disrespect, Draymond house asking myself the same thing. So. I think we've found out a little bit. Why in game one? The rafters are very, very live underdog in this series. Not just because this home court advantage is real. I mean, this is a real homecourt advantage, that crowd is amped up. I don't know if they're taking their cues from Drake or not. You know, if it's necessary for him to be walking up and down the sidelines. Like he's a high school basketball coach. And then massaging Nick nurses shoulders of ending, privately they probably told him to tone it down a little bit. Whatever the case may be if you're Rafter, fingerling, I don't care who we're taking our cues from this place is off the hook for basketball right now. I don't know basketball's doing north of the border outside of Toronto. But wow, they loved their basketball up in Toronto. If you're in Canada call. I know we're on up in candidate five two one, two, four CBS is the rest of Canada sort of following the queues on this thing especially with two American teams in the Stanley Cup finals, Saint Louis and Boston. Toronto is off the hook for their basketball man, that I know you talking about bucket, lists things almost feel like the bucket list thing with respect to raptors basketball, wouldn't be to go to a raptors game. It would be to go to a raptors game but watch it outside in that big courtyard area that they have with the huge movie screen going on, that looks like a party man, that looks like a lot of fun. So I would be happy for the raptors if they won this thing again, I'm on record as saying, I want the raptors to win, but I want them very specifically to win this series by trailing early. And then winning it with Kevin Durant coming back. But here's why here's why just the the gambler in me with like for Toronto to win this series. I respect the move that they made for Leonard, I respect them pushing their chips to the middle of the table. Not a lot of NBA teams make the move. It's difficult to make. And you can say what you want. And if you wanna look at it down golf course they would trade it for Leonard. He's maybe the best player in basketball right now and has been in the playoffs. I know I can say right now that I like what they did by going getting quite because that was the hard decision to make not the easy decision. A lot of people laugh at that now because of where we sit right now for rewind a year ago, Kuwait Leonard was viewed as a in some circles, as malcontent, who Matt torpedo, the Spurs. The Spurs were still pretty decent. But certainly he was a much bigger story than anything that the Spurs had going on, on the court last year. Even though they were playoff team. Colli Leonard was an injured kind of viewed in some circles, as a cancerous presence or non presence as a word. Dude was up in New York while his teams playing basketball in San Antonio into Marta, rose. And let's not forget to Marta rose and the guy they traded for Leonard. Was a fixture. He was a staple. He's a franchise icon up in Toronto, probably still is. So if you're telling me the year ago, the easy thing to do was to trade a franchise icon to San Antonio. For a guy who you're not even sure you're going to be able to keep after the season's over would have been very easy for Toronto to take a look at the east with LeBron knowing that LeBron was going to be leaving Cleveland to go to LA and say, you know what? You know what are big pain in the ass has been the last four years while we've been a pretty good team? We can't get through LeBron. We'll LeBron's going to be a Laker. We don't have to get through LeBron anymore. That would have been the easy thing to do these to do hold onto the Marta Rosen. Let's not let's not push our chips in. Let's not gamble on Koa. Why what if we only get him for a year and we get knocked out in the second round again? Will you be getting knocked out in the second round with the Marta Rosen? And let's face it has nice of a player's demar derozan is you got to play to the upside, if you're going to win a championship even if you're going to win the east you've got you've got to put a team together that isn't about just it's, it's not about staying on sixteen against the face card. You know what I mean? You blackjack players, you gotta do things that have upside, you gotta do things that have some risk built in. But knowing that your ceiling, you may bust. But you gotta do you gotta go with the solution that has the highest ceiling and clearly a solution, where quiet Leonard could be healthy is the one with the highest ceiling. I like see gamblers get rewarded and the Toronto Raptors gambled. Easy thing to do would have been to say LeBron's, leaving the east, we've had a pretty nice team the last couple of years. Even with respect to the trade, the easy thing to do would be to say we fired the coach. There's the change that we made that would have been easy to do, just fire the coach and then hope that a new message is enough to give your fan base. Hope if Kawhi Leonard leaves the day after the season is over and becomes a clipper, or Laker or whatever something other than a Rafter. This trade was a success. Because guess what? Kawai is gone. That's not good. I'm sure they'd like to keep him but a year later a bunch of salaries come off the books. Kyle Lowry Marcus all. I mean, they're, they're going to be flush with cap space in, I think if you're a free agent if you're free agent, that's got buddies, who were free agents or if you're a players looking to try to force a trade somewhere. I think Toronto shown itself nicely as a basketball city through these playoffs, really through the last couple of years that the fans fault that they couldn't get over the top with Lowry and derozen and beating LeBron. So happy for Toronto. You're up there Toronto. You're listening. I know you're probably getting ready for game two. But if there's any of you listening, they're happy for you. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's, let's go to the phones. Here's a call north of the border. We started off this hour in Calgary Alberta and talk to Aaron Aaron. You're on CBS sports radio. What's happening up in Calgary, man? Aaron you there. Erin going once going twice and his comment said raptors fever sweeping the country. Maybe he just realized holy crap. It's only an hour, they'll tip off of time to talk to this radio guy. Erin, callback will get you right up. Eight five five two one two four CBS. In the meantime, we go to Charlotte and I believe this is big, Don what's happening? Big don. Big John, Huston. Thanks for taking my call with nice talk again. Oh, by the way, we're getting bigger weaker paths, Indianapolis in population. Graduations, man, that's huge. You know, I agree a hundred percent with what you were just saying and I was listening to you about Toronto. But I think the ratings were down because everybody expects Golden State to win. And, and I think they were just rusty. Now, I think they're going to win tonight. And, you know, when I heard, you say you predict it Toronto that scared me. I'm worried. Now, get you really got me worried. I think it's going to come through with this and. Thanks a lot, Sean. I see your show and you're, you're, you're the man appreciate you. Big don. Thank you. I'm assuming that it scared him because he thinks I'm smart. And here's the thing, Don. I'm not as smart as you think. I am. If you're picking Golden State, and I think rafters and seven I wouldn't feel any worse or better about the whole thing. I am hardly a barometer for how this series is going to go now game one did go, my way, so but I'm taking the warriors tonight. My money's on the warriors thing. I said rafters in seven. So it's gonna be a back and forth series in my mind. But we'll see Don if what you're saying is true, Don saying the ratings were down in game, one because the everybody expects Golden State to win like everybody thought us in going to be a serious golden say's. Why do I need to watch this Toronto Zion? The odds would tell you that a lot of certainly better felt that way. If that's true. Then the numbers should be back up the numbers, maybe they're not LeBron versus Golden State levels in game two, but it shouldn't be as precipitous drop as we saw in game one from last year. If what you're saying is true done if people didn't tune into game one because they thought Golden State's gonna win this thing. Then game one by definition should make you more intrigued in this series Toronto show. They can stand in in not just trade blows. But they closed on Golden State that was my big concern about Toronto in this series, especially picking them. In seven was. Do they have guys that can close a game out like Steph curry and Klay Thompson into a lesser extent mongering and ultimately Katie when he comes back down the road? But in game one really, really staff you know can close out a game. Like Steph could that was my big concern in the answer was, we don't know if I can because you see them and Marcus were too busy doing. They didn't need coli to be closer in that game. I mentioned Aaron in Calgary. We we go we go back to him here in Calgary Alberta Canada for take to Aaron. You're on CBS sports radio. What's up? Good. Because only one. Basically. Professional basketball. Religion. But I assure you that all Canadian. All. Very many, but. I'd like to remind that. Stake in the game. And it was not the best player in the. Golden. I think there's a note because they think it's not. Very, very good. Out of all the teams they believe the only one that was going to be able to push state. Yeah. The phone call Aaron hit yourself connection. Sounds like you're out there in the middle of nowhere in Alberta. Good call though. Appreciate it. The, the I want to hear from Canada. I really do. I want to find out how dial in the rest of Canada is outside of Toronto. Certainly if you're in Toronto. But are you guys is Toronto Canada's team? And I know they're Canada's only basketball team. But are these the is the country behind the Toronto? Raptors Aaron says, yes. Are you just getting behind them? Now, look, they've had a good team the last couple of years has Leonard brought a new level of belief though up there in Canada. I really truly wonder how much the whole this, this fever of basketball up in Canada specifically in Toronto, but certainly across the country. I wonder how much of this is resonating with Kawhi. If there's a player in the NBA who you who you can least read, how something is affecting him psychologically, or emotionally. It's leonard. That's got to be completely exasperated. If you're a raptor fan, who's holding out the slim glimmer of hope that he might sign a long term deal there. It's holding out that hope that collide Leonard could sign a max deal and remain a raptor, and become a raptor legend over the next five years. He's a raptor legend already in one season. Comey. Right. He's the reason you're in your first NBA finals. But that's got to be super frustrating. Like e there's no emotion, you can read into. I mean, the guy is just a robot. He's a cyborg. Lot of you wanting to weigh in, and let's get you guys in eight five five two one, two, four, CBS works more in, in the next segment..

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