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Almost use the edit as a nother script writing another draft of a script in a way where he like can actually like look at his movie now and make these decisions will also, you know, he's I, it's a place where you kind of create new material because you know. Luckily on on hunger, we had the advantage that we had six weeks where Michael fast bend had to lose weight. So we're able to cut the first two thirds of the film. And it meant that we could drop a few things from the last third of the film that we get to be short and also few pickup. So it was kind of very useful thing. I think there is. Droit are often feel ashamed or bashful about the re-shoots happened, but I really celebrate them as a possibility sometimes to set something up in the story that pays off later or little story beats. The might just just going to get the scene. Let's what, what, if it was something else, let's try the think outside the box. So my last question for you is if you had any advice to aspiring editors, what would it be? Watching lots of movies. There's nothing more instructive than even Babylon's of very, very useful. I mean, I, you know, I'm always awesome. I system when they don't like film, I said, look, if you didn't have any choice on casting or you know choice of music or something, what would you do with this film? How would you? How would you have made it better? So even a bad one, you can come out and say, well, actually, it would have been really helpful to started this story later, or you know. Sort of cut down on this character on that, or you know, got more of a sense of pace. I think it's kind of intellectual exercise. What would I do? Five sting this movie absolutely watching it with a critical eye from an editor standpoint while you're actually in the really good film. Actually, I don't think about the editing in truth. It's like Publio. Neither wants that bit creaky in some other way. I'm starting to wear all the plumbing, be aware of all the plumbing. And that's maybe how you know it's a good film because you're thinking about it just compelled. See, See, I I do do. great jail. I've had that experience many times watching your films and thanks for joining us today. Real pleasure. Thank you. Thanks for listening. If you could, you heard go ahead and subscribes the new film school podcasts on whatever podcast bought from you use. So you don't miss a single episode. If you really like us, you can go ahead and give us a rating on ITN's. I'm John use go. You can follow me on Twitter. At Jim, underscore, John underscored Jim and you can follow no film school at new film school. We'll see you on Thursday for indie film. Weekly, take it easy..

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