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What was left of a small plane after it crashed in the woods near the Lakeland airport seventy eight year old flight instructor from Brooksville was seriously injured you know anytime you have an accident that's that Sirius anything falling from the sky it's always reckless when someone walks away so blessed that he he was able to do so and we hope the best for them for the second individual both county fire rescue spokesman Chris jonkheer telling news channel late the second person a twenty four year old student pilot from Wisconsin walked away without injury the single engine plane took off from Zephyr hills municipal airport before crashed. Sarasota woman is facing charges and police are looking for her boyfriend for allegedly locking a teenage girl in a bedroom Jessica Brambilla was arrested on Friday on aggravated child abuse charges in a war and his been issued for the team's father Dwight Bainbridge the sixteen year old girl told detectives she had been sexually molested and battered and kept in a locked room for more than a year arrest records show the suspects kept the team locked in the room because they believe she would bring boys to the house detective search the Sarasota home and said they found her room with a padlock on the outside with limited betting in a bucket of urine inside precocial newsradio WFLA after studying crash reports the manatee county sheriff's office says red light cameras are badly needed at two problem intersections or crashes are on the rise state road seventy N. Lockwood ridge road the second is Bayshore gardens parkway and US forty one captain Stanley Schaefer says they want for cameras at each intersection to monitor all four approaches if not our revenue generating tool for the county it's a it's a truck changed to driving habits of drivers to make our roads safer seven intersections in the county already have red light cameras the county commission will discuss the four camera proposal at this morning's meeting. state fish and wildlife researchers are keeping an eye on a manatee that may have been injured by a boat calls came into the wild life alert hot line after the manatee was spotted on the Intracoastal Waterway in Pinellas county Sunday Kelly Richmond with the fish and wildlife research institute in Saint Petersburg says they caught up with it near Treasure Island that evening we decided that it was healthy enough to stay there and we would reassess wildlife officers returned Monday the manatee was gone they're continuing to search for it watercraft collisions are blamed for more than a quarter of manatee fatalities Gordan bird newsradio WFLA Hillsborough County is undergoing one of its largest dog rescue operations ever animal control officials say they found three hundred fifty dogs living in horrible conditions at Tricia's all breed grooming in Tampa on east Diana street one dog was found dead the business was shut down and to make room for the dogs at the pet resources center on Fauconberg road all adoption fees on dogs already at the facility are being waved it's eight oh five bed newsradio WFLA commerce department figures show that large companies are not spending as much on expanding as they had been in the past partly because of uncertainty about president trump's economics but smaller and mid size businesses must see opportunities out there their plans to reinvest in their businesses rose. Bloomberg says capitalism is behind many of the victories and slowing climate change electricity plants are not the largest generator greenhouse gases anymore because of the growth of renewable power vehicles are the largest source of gas is now in some states are suing to do more than the federal government wants to do on reducing tailpipe emissions and Amazon is pledging to meet the goals of the U. N. climate accord the US pulled out off ten years earlier than the accord calls for. Bob Barker headed Disney ABC says Disney considered buying Twitter but they say there's so much nastiness on Twitter would have been irresponsible to get involved in it Uyghur says these platforms have the ability to do a lot of good but also have an ability to do a lot of bad and Barrons financial weekly says Walmart is gaining traction and Walmart is becoming more popular with more people for news radio WFLA on Joe Connelly with the Bloomberg business up to eighty six.

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