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10 45 We go to George Wallace, it looks like the Major League baseball season will start on time, The Players association rejecting the league's proposal to delay a 105. 54 game regular season until April. The league push back the proposed the pushback to started spring training till late March with a regular season to start in late April. But the players rejecting that, saying they simply want to get ready to start the season on time, Capitals finally lose in regulation Now 61 and three on the year 53 lost to the Boston Bruins, despite having a three nothing lead in this 13 quick goals for the Capitals. But then David Pasternack came back with a couple of goals of his own. Bruins score four in the third period. This after Peter Laviolette in the capital's had a 31 lead after two I would rather stay on the attack. We talked about it going into the third period, and I don't think that we did that We didn't press the game the way we did in the first period, and so when you don't do that, you end up Playing too much in your end, and again that the opportunities that we gave up there were there were point blank for different reasons. Capitals got on the board today. No char with gold and Daniel Strong 11. Seconds later, John Carlson, also with a power play goal, Jacob Rana a couple of assists, but the capital's end up losing the game, the chief's place center Daniel Kilgore, and wide receiver to Marcus Robinson, the covert list due to close contact. Neither team had positive tests the last week and now in order for those two to play in the Super Bowl. They need to have five days of negative tests to be able to play. Players will now be tested twice a day leading up to Sunday's toward Wallace that detailed reports got news about the Biden administration and illegal.

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