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Dropped zero. I'm Elise parental Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's twelve o nine in southwest. Ohio. A sheriff's deputy is dead and another wounded following an all night police standoff at an apartment complex, Clermont county sheriff's department, captain Jeff sellers. From inside the apartment. For nearly two deputies from Claremont cashiers. Those were shrunk. One is in stable condition and universities. The other deputy standoff began around seven o'clock last night when police went to the apartment complex for a well being check man who called nine one one said another man would not leave his apartment. The apparent shooter was finally taken into custody around six thirty this morning. A high school basketball coach in Brooklyn, New York is arrested for shooting the father of a player that happened during a dispute over the boys playing time on the court, the Paul Robeson high school coach Todd miles is charged with attempted murder and assault. Police say the students father had gone two miles home in late December to confront the coach who investigators say shot the parent in the neck. He was left in critical condition and unable to tell police what happened until now. School officials say the allegations are shocking and add miles will be quote removed from payroll as soon as legally possible. Well, by some estimates. More than twelve million Americans will be buying pizza is Super Bowl Sunday and many will have their pies delivered in Raleigh, North Carolina. Anthony, DeMarco expects a spike in delivery requests, and possibly robbery attempts against his driver swivel, keep your eyes open and look around, and I don't let them travel very much cash either. In fact, he says his deliverers won't be accepting cash payments till after eleven o'clock tonight. Well, President Trump says he wouldn't steer his son Barron toward football calling it a dangerous sport. But the president ads he wouldn't stand in the way if the soccer playing twelve year old wanted to put on pads, Mr. Trump and NFL fan tells CBS's face the nation football is really tough in that equipment such as helmets has increased safety for players, but hasn't solved the problem. It's twelve twelve. Now, we turn it over to WBZ's Chris pharma with a look at sports, and Chris you're brought to us by B A E systems. Thank our the day is finally arrived at twenty four hour period so revered it has its own name Super Bowl Sunday the word sound even sweeter here in New England. When the patriots are included in the game, which they are for a third consecutive season Vegas has them installed as the favourite at a win would make Tom Brady. The only six time champion in league history. The franchise would also equal the Steelers for the most titles in league history. Kickoff just after six thirty in Atlanta. Bruins will look to end the three game skid this afternoon in DC as Boston will now play the role of captain Ahab and try to chase down. It's white whale. And the capital's whom they have been beaten by fourteen consecutive times. Head coach Bruce Cassidy has made a couple of tweaks in the lineup today. Matt grizzlies in for blue line or John Moore and Nola cherry replaces the snake bit and winger. Danton Heinen on the checking line as Bs coach Bruce Cassidy explains it's been a tough gopher Hainan of late you start in your own head. I think when that happened like a lot of guys probably they've been in this league along time. They have to play through those those situations. And I think he's done a good job. He's doesn't carry it into his overall place still doing his job away from the puck is just hopefully get something. Good hop for soon. Offense to Raskin net for the Bruins backdrops drops at twelve thirty back here in Boston. The Celtics hosts the thunder a to Chris vomit WBZ Boston's NewsRadio for.

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