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On what's good about. Our shared values in Seattle. Ryan harris. Komo news too familiar theme yet again, we're trying to come to grips with the unthinkable in the aftermath of the New Zealand. Mosque shootings killed dozens of people. You w medicine psychiatry psychiatric professor Doug Zazi says it's important to know when to ask for help as you process. What happened to so overwhelmed you can't function at all your emotions or whether it's sadness or rage or fear. That's a trigger or a sort of motivator to seek help seek professional help. That's it also says you should know where to draw the line on staying informed and one year focusing too much on what happened lawmakers in Olympia are considering a Bill that would add citizenship or immigration status to the list of classes protected from discrimination. Bill was heard by the house civil rights committee. Alex, her was one or twenty people who turned out to speak in favour of the proposal types of discrimination that we're seeing again, aren't limited just folks who may lack legal status, and we believe that this spill helps try to put an end to some of that right now state law prohibits discrimination based on race color creed national origin, sex sexual orientation age or disability bowling stock. Rose today after reports the companies about to roll out a software upgrade for its seven thirty-seven max jets. The French news agency AFP reports the company plans to roll out the software in ten days while Reuters says it'll come out sometime in April Todd Curtis with air safe dot com tells KOMO he wouldn't be surprised to see the software out soon. But there's a ton of testing ahead. Any update that happens? You can do all the planning you on. But it's not until the softwares in place. It's been tested and probably use operationally before they can be assure themselves that the software is operating within the parameters they expected. He says is crucial Boeing gets the software, right? And believes the company will take as long as it needs to do. So Charlie Harger, KOMO news woman who was seventeen when she was charged as an adult for her part in a robbery and shootout that left her brother dead might soon undergo a mental competency evaluation Adriana. Butts was supposed to be sentenced today, but our lawyers asked to withdraw because of a conflict in her new lawyer asked for the evaluation deputy King County. Prosecutor Brad bales says he's never observed any unusual behavior from butts. Oftentimes if there's some.

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