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To be using city resources or the copy machines to promote something that not all of us agree to councilwoman salons response to that i strongly believe that council resources should absolutely be used to build social movements and not for furthering the interests of the chamber of commerce amazon responded in part to say that we're disappointed with the direction of the city saying the city does not have a revenue problem it has a spending efficiency problem carleen johnson komo news komo news time nine thirty to the parents of a man shot to death by local police officer filing a federal lawsuit as komo's brian calvert tells us they found twelve witnesses who believe the shooting was unjustified lynnwood police were called to a carpet store last january where they found jeremy dowell holding a knife police investigation found that the thirty six old came at officers zachary yates who had no choice but detectives say officer yates actions were justified that day but those who witnessed the events say dowell was murdered now the times reports attorneys for jeremy dowels parents have found twelve witnesses who were there that day and have all given sworn statements not denying dowell had knife but the statements contradict police findings including the dowell lunged at the officer one witness statement reads quote what i saw was so deeply disturbing the memories haunt me to this day he called the shooting completely unwarranted brian calvert komo news when it comes to bet against sports lawmakers in our state would have to decide whether it's worth the trouble christine to the washington state gambling commission tells the seattle times that he changed our states gambling laws would require a two thirds supermajority in the legislature either that or a voter referendum the us supreme court opened the door yesterday ruling the feds don't have the authority to ban sports gambling at the state level komo news time nine thirty four the traffic congestion and in noisy overnight construction two of the big concerns voiced by people offering public comment last night on plans for renovating keyarena.

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