Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield discussed on The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast - SPI 278: List Building Made Easy with Special Guest Amy Porterfield


This is the smart pests become podcast with pat flynn session number two hundred in seventy eight let's get down to business welcome to this march oppressive income podcast where it's all about working are now so you can sit back and reads the benefits later and now you're almost deathly afraid of haunted hotel attractions burt lin hey what's up everybody thank you so much for joining me today in this special session of the smart pasminco podcast really thankful you're here and i'm also very thankful that today's guests spent a little bit of time out of her day not too long ago to share some amazing information that's going to help you build your email us did not just build it uh to a larger number but build it to a larger number with quality targeted leads in subscribers in readers viewers listeners and whatever you want this is one of the best episodes that you will here because of our special guest and that is amy porterfield amy porterfield every time i speak to her or listen to her speak on stage or i listen to her podcast the online marketing made easy podcast a pull away so much information actually amiez show is one of the only ones that i listen to now because it's very relevant to what i'm doing but not only are we going to talk about list building we're going to talk about specifically how she uses list building in terms of helping her launch a product and so there's a very purposeful way that she approaches the list building aspect of business and you may remember her actually from episode 1 thirty seven of a smart passive in compond cast of those one hundred and forty some on episodes ago well she's been doing a lot of things and the one thing that i know that she does very well is she offer's lead magnets or incentives in many of our different podcasts episodes these are things like downloadable checklists or start guides and things like that that i always wanted download because they are very relevant to the content that is being published or pushed out onto the podcast and so i ask her in this episode how she does that how she does it so often and how she actually automates that process so we can all do the same thing.

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