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Rick Devon's at the end of tribal council, you know, David and Kelly do that really full on conversation of like, hey, it's me, by the way, you're being targeted up make sense yada, yada, yada. But it's whereas I feel like Kasai. They kept personally rambling with each other throughout the entirety of the post immersion. I guess going back to your question Leon, do we wait personal dysfunction more or do we wait more strategic dysfunction because I feel you could also throw something like the villains tribe in there who was super dysfunctional primer. But post merge was pretty much in lockstep except for that one time that Russel at to get rid of Danielle and Senator crying to the jury. Well, I do think that same thing where they lost five at the swamp kind of Candia that they couldn't get away from each other. And then yes, it's fighting with each other. But also taking down this majority like fo- fo- with it like, I don't even think that they they to be working together with the time. But this guy's just kind of force them together. Plus, I think a point in favor of dysfunction is that they can't even decide between themselves how to pronounce less to. So that's a pretty big thing to disagree on. And. Yeah, I mean what I really liked about less functional. Tried if they voted out one of their own members who still so that's a pretty big one. And they've been together this five of them that were less you from the beginning. And they're all still there. So it's not like modern who had like, Wendy and everything was in its own way. But like this lesson five besides leading gaffer week. They've always just been together. They haven't been swept away from each other. And they've been kind of fighting the whole time, but then also worth together in ways existed, a pretty massive and very good moves and the way that even wa- dog said at the end when voted out he was like, Rick Devon's you're like Dan becoming like actually I think that they just survive in spite of themselves in spite of this situation. Like, I'm starting to really love it. I love that. They went to the survivor courthouse and officially changed their name from money to less. The name Manja has been said on this show in the past like three weeks, or so all it is now when there's regarding the group is less and sometimes less just referring to that trio of war dog Kelly and Lawrence sometimes referring to all them. But it's a once in a lifetime. Swap where essentially all the who became unin tireless different tribe array set name completely from this season weighty that she was the mind goes right on the whole time and she won two people in the season to be anymore with. Right. Because it's like what Wendy Keith ream, Chris or the other mono people. Right. I mean, they're they're not in the game anymore. So it kind of makes sense to just call them, a less you. So I guess I was just thinking like, okay..

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