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Step back to and beyond talking about diversity isn't always visible. I think diversity of thought is something that also kind of gets left behind and so someone who grew up in. A you know a different socioeconomic area than you someone who grew up in a rural versus urban plays like those present different challenges Different obstacles and kind of different different ways of overcoming them and I think a lot of that gets left out or forgotten about sometimes. And that's something that we kind of coach companies clients onto is when we ask what is diversity mean to you and they say well you know people color and women we say. Okay Loudwar. Yeah let's let's start with that. I had a client who was a white man. Say so your company what it just helps everybody but me and I kind of laughed hours. Like that's like the attitude that were working to fight against because for example your from the hilltop and guarantee you think a lot differently than somebody who's from Worthington even though you might look the same. Yeah even though you're both white men and that's diversity of thought and that's what we're trying to create equality for is just a platform where everybody no matter what color religion gender at that it's all equal and everybody feels included. So I have a question so if you're starting with a company that really lack diversity of any kind what's what's the starting point for them to you. Know Really Start taking initiative on this I think recognition They have to be willing because not that. It's an intrusive process because it's really not. It's not going to interrupt their day to day but like I mentioned earlier that productive discomfort it does cause discomfort within an organization to have people in there looking over your benefits and your salary structures and the amount of people have been in Iran numbers. Yeah and looking at exit interviews and all of these things that maybe don't shine the brightest light on a company but the goal is to improve that company over also so if they can recognize that this is a process that needs to happen and will be better for doing it Both internally and the external view of our company will be better. I think that's the first step and then I think from there what are step would be once we get kind of the go ahead to Is Why is there a diversity problem here is it? Are you able to get people in the door? And then they don't stay. Are you not able to get people in the door at all? And that's when we start to look at water your benefits. What are your facilities? What is what is the view. Put out there. Your commercials all Blake Hetero Normative White Families White picket fence like Mom Dad. Two Kids and you know what? I mean just kind of looking at like. What is the message that you put into the community? And why is that not attracting the diverse population you? Why and then from there. We can kind of address. How do we correct this because some people might just want to say okay? Well we're just going to bring on a ton of people of color and a ton of women and just throw him in and that's going to do it but right now. There aren't inclusion practices that you know if there aren't employee resource groups are associated resource groups where they can feel comfortable if there isn't representation and leadership than those people probably aren't going to stay and so then it's just kind of a waste of time for everyone so it's frustrating so if there isn't representation and leadership like what do you need to do in order to change that company culture so. I think that part of what we do is the executive search. We try to put that representation leadership and I think also just having paths to leadership within the organization so some companies are putting forward like leadership programs where it's an accelerated path or though work in different areas of the business and they'll accelerate that growth. I think that's really helpful. Especially if you're prioritizing diversity to get that into the leadership in your company But there's a lot of things you can do. I mean just going outside to recruit most promote from within for leadership And I think it's important to bring outside perspectives diverse or not because that's a diverse perspective and we work with a ton of clients that the average tenure of their employees is like twenty plus years. Which is awesome. It says a lot about your culture but for Niagara for innovation. That's not good at all. I mean that is a stagnant culture. So things need to change as the world changes and we don't expect a company to be fifty percent diversity When it comes to like ethnicity or gender or whatever because maybe gender well yeah probably gender but it depends on the area because there aren't as many women in tech as there are men. That's just right now. That's just the world we live in but it should be reflective of the amount of people that aren't tax a thirty five percent of tech graduates. Are Women so at least thirty? Five percent of your tech workforce should be women. Yeah and a lot of tech. Jobs are coding so there should be more women in Business Analysis and Quality Assurance and project management And is eighty percent white so we expect that we're going to have a lot of black and brown people that are within all of these organizations and equal to the amount of white people? It's just unreal. Not every organization can have fifty percent of that space. Yeah just the numbers. Aren't there no but Dylan an urban environment diversity? Yeah and it should be reflective of the culture and if we can create these inclusive environments. That's when you get people who migrate to Columbus. That's when you get people who here. Columbus is innovative and they are socially forward thinking and moving. That's a place where I would be okay to live. You know what I mean. That's a place that I want to go But if if we can't even get that we can't even be representation of the population. That's already here. We're not going to attract a more diverse population and that's bad for us as a city back to innovation and revenue and it puts us at a deficit. You see pockets of that happening around the city especially with the Honda plant here. Bringing in a lot of people from Japanese companies and a lot of the technology stuff that has moved here has brought in people from different areas just because the demand has been there to to hire people. And that's why I think it's more important now than ever if we want that to keep happening. We can't just supply them with only have one type of candidate for them. That's not gonNa work across industries and company sizes and company cultures and. Everything's just GonNa fizzle out a student that with a company to get people to kind of go across cultures to form those bonds where you know from your own Peer Group. You know if you're very much the same. It's very hard to kind of cross cultural boundary by the city of Columbus. Doing an awesome job with that already. I think we're just trying to take it to the next level no pun intended But there are so many groups in Columbus that are focused on bringing different sectors of people. Together Doug McCullough with the city of Dublin is a huge champion of this and the economic workforce development team in. Dublin is really trying to bring together not only the companies but also all the advocacy groups that are doing really great things in the city And I think that we're just trying to expand on that and create an umbrella over all these advocacy groups with direct clear pipelines into the company whether that's hiring into the company or helping them improve or attracting people from other cities to move to Columbus But yeah we're just trying to expand on that what already exists. There are so many meet ups and different networking groups and Columbus and sometimes it can feel a little disjointed and segmented and it's hard to know where is the one platform can see everything that's happening and then it's like oh no. This group is on that platform and so that's something again with Doug and with the city of Columbus that we're trying to work on. How do we present a really unified kind of FRY to not only people who are currently in Columbus with people who are looking to move here where they can say? These are the resources available to me and then again with level just creating that umbrella where at our event the reason we had such a diverse audience and panel at selection was because we worked with existing advocacy groups. We get.

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