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What do you think that's starting file you think they'll work with that dog hunt I don't think they're gonna be their starting five minute Vicki trotting out Chris done like you you know I mean he's he's a placeholder he's not he's on the roster actively trying to treat him so you know if you fear in October I'd be surprised in if he's here and he's in the starting lineup I'll be really surprised they don't go out and draft a point guard seventh overall in and pay a point guard ten million dollars a year for the next three years could have been far the guy who was already in place that just doesn't make sense so you know they can say that but I do think two through five they are set they got some ice palace five I think they're still trying to figure out the point guard spot since when talking about see the slide a hand translocation you enterprise car was like I was on draft night Stephen Mitchell Kristan Kristan is Chris don god bless Chris down because he told me at the hotel in a car no when he was trapped I'm gonna be the best point guard in the draft he then he told me that the next month another time he told me he did not like how he was not utilized properly in Minnesota so we come Chicago try to do some fresh impacts doesn't like Chris done to be a starter on on this team so that's I think it's pretty clear see why would boil and say that that's not talking about the slide a hand are now what South Florida this is the old shell game we'll show you yeah okay good move the ball not mac I give you credit okay hi thirty the over under on bet online dot com is that the bulls are win thirty games thirty and a half take the over under at this at the overall and I think that's a little low I mean they they were twenty two last year and they barely had their full cream for most of the season so I need to add a coaching change so you know you if your bill stability on the fence and Jim Boylen whether you like him love him or hate him whatever the stability you give them a full season of Otto Porter junior and presumably they'll have helpful their families better health than last year will window credit union large market and and it got some depth so I think they were better than what the record ended up being last year which was twenty two of sixty you know I think they can get around thirty five thirty five to forty yes hold on yeah well they yet thirty but they're only hold on no no I'm a give you Vinny del Negro's number hold on a second Jonathan hood I need to speak in one thousand new Shelby power nitro plus.

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