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Degrees in Truckee and sixty degrees in Yuba city now to the stories training and is ninety three point one K. it became the owners of the dive boat that burned killing thirty four people on board of filed a petition with the courts that would prevent them from paying money to families of the victims also this morning federal investigators say crew members who survived were not awoken by smoke detectors KP case Brian sure because the. tell officials with the national transportation safety board also told reporters in Santa Barbara that smoke detectors on the boat we're not linked up as a single system the crew was sleeping on the top level and by the time they realized there was a fire in the kitchen area was fully engulfed the NTSB also says they're investigating whether electrical gear that was charging may have started the fire thirty four people died when the boat caught fire and sank on Monday Brian shook news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. community colleges will not be forced to open their parking lots to homeless students of bill that would have allowed college students to sleep in campus parking lots next year has died at the capitol several community colleges across the state including the association of California community college administrators opposed to that measure the author of the bill hold it a new report confirms what most drivers suspected commutes in Sacramento are getting longer KP case any Clawson has the story new data from the US census bureau shows Sacramento commutes are indeed taking longer especially for state workers the average commute lanes in the region jumps to nearly thirty minutes and twenty seventeen and the number of super commuters who drive ninety minutes or more to work has largely increased twenty percent of state workers living in the Sacramento area commute at least forty five minutes each way for work that's compared to just fifteen percent from twenty thirteen twenty seventeen the report also finds that Sacramento commuters spent fifty nine hours per year waiting in traffic on their daily drives to work and with the region continuing to grow its only expected to get worse any cost news ninety three point one KFBK second amendment supporters will be outside the Mansouri federal courthouse in Sacramento this morning mark Baird is challenging California laws which prohibit the open or exposed Kerry of a loaded weapon camp ready from cal guns is going to be there I'm going to be there there'll be several speakers who are advocates of the personal liberty in California something we have precious little of this case's. in the early stages today was supposed to feature a motions hearing but bear it says the judge in the case change that hearing at the last minute to October eighth we believe it to discourage people from coming to court we're going to do this again on the eighth of October we're going to have another rally and another and another and another that's what it takes this morning's rally is scheduled for ten o'clock this morning Max Harris is a free man and Derek Elmina remains in jail the jury in the trial of the two men was split over the deaths of thirty six people in a warehouse fire in Oakland there was a hung jury on charges against ago ship master tenant Derek Amina and they acquitted creative director Max Harris here is his defense attorney Tyler Smith says the deaths were because of the housing crisis not his client these artists were living in this warehouse because they didn't have too many other options they were they were gonna be on the street otherwise and the reason they're there is because of the housing crisis that we're facing.

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