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And of course, you can also watch us on twitch we have studio cams. So you can watch the show on action. We don't have jazzy no jazzy Cam tonight. Usually jazzy the studio dog is appearing on twitch to be you can find that at twitch dot L dot FM. And we're taking your calls tonight. My name is Chris my name is Vincent. And I'm will. And we've been talking about lots of stuff tonight. But the one story we've been trying to work our way through has to do with the Senate passing the Bill that rebukes Trump and opposes Israel boycotts. And Vincent has been telling us about that you want to recap a little bit about what's going on. Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. Yes. Please. Go ahead recap. Oh, I'm sorry. This. You're letting me be the recap. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Now, I like your recaps. Oh, okay. So the so it was at first they got bipartisan support bipartisan support. But because. They it has like the accusation in their the implication vet for Republicans are trying to split the Democrats with this Bill between the pro Israel old guard of the democrat party and envy. Anti is anti Israel. Quoting what's your nuanced issue? New the young Turks sodas, so to speak, and they and so Democrats also so by as responsive at Democrats van agreed with Trump like believe Bernie Sanders was mentioned agreed with agreed with Trump of to that with pulling out of Afghanistan in Syria. So love him or hate him. Trump is certainly shaking things up in Washington. Certainly has been shaken things up love him or hate him. The the country's almost it's tilted against Trump. I was gonna say love him or hate him. I think it's something like sixty sixty percent opposed. Even even. Set of media CBS poll after the state of the union address showed like sixty four favorability. Are we talking about the same Donald Trump for the speech? Yeah. And he was like all rainbows and puppies. It's like an Coulter tweeted out, you know, trae, gee, it's so difficult. You know, Trump came out against cancer child cancer came out against the holocaust, real hard issues, drafted real device stuff. Yeah. God. But that's that's what we have. Now. What we have is a polarized, polarized Washington. The the idea that we could have civil discourse between Republicans and Democrats. That's that's a decade old thing. We have a president that represents the population of the country. I'm sorry. Nobody really wants to admit the foul. No. No. No. I think you're exactly right. He's totally a representation of the of the greater culture of this country. Uninformed opinionated rude crass wants to be famous. So what changed what change because it was not always like this Americans became obsessed with wanting to be famous you think that's something happened in the culture with reality TV where our narrowing narrowing it down. Okay. Where you know, everybody got their opportunity. I mean, remember member the I boy. Like he got famous because they were mean to him because he was physically unattractive. And he got to be famous for a while you got to be on Conan. And he got to be like an extra character on Conan for like, three months. What I find most disturbing. I don't I don't. I'm not disparaging your your comment, but doesn't just say how shallow we are as a species when like up until like the sixties and the seventies where you had like your news shows there were three of them. I think and that's where people got their news. And there wasn't like a huge amount of spin in any direction. It just was kinda there. But then news became twenty four hours a day began retainment became it had to become entertainment because you had twenty four hours of news. And let's face. It news is not the most exciting thing to watch. And the idea of if you're an area myself, you know, your best with it, of course. But this was never really a thing. News came on at six o'clock, it came on at seven o'clock, and it came on again at ten or eleven or something like that. But now we're confronted by twenty four hours a day. And and how do you fill those hours the only way to make it more interesting to get more viewers is to sensationalize the news. The problem is we as humans we've fallen for this hook line, and sinker. And I really do think there is some some some similarities something happened that pushed us over the edge to where we quit talking civilly. That's that's gone thing. I mean when I was growing up. I remember my dad who was a staunch Republican telling me he was gonna vote for a democrat. And I didn't think anything of it. He's like, oh, I like that guy. The shock jocks also had something to do with it. I think it's you know, it's not you. You can't just point and say, that's the thing that did it. No, no. Of course, not many things. I'm gonna say Nixon was the beginning of it. The death of Kennedy the end of Camelot that whole thing was the beginning. And then from there the society is just slowly been. Did you know like the stitching is plucked? You just that one loose thread a little at a time. Yes. And. Davies race. They've used Jin. There's like four topics, and they just keep cycling them if you haven't noticed chair, you know, like when Obama was an office everything was about race. Now, Hillary got beat so everything is about gender. Everything's misogyny for everything is how women are so oppressed in a society where the courts side with them ninety percent of the time. Yeah. But but then we don't get enough mileage out of that. So we have to in that case actually come up with new genders newel. Yeah. Yeah. We have to come up with new gender. So we can create victims outta then. And that's that's really what it comes down to who is the newest victim that we have to defend and during all this all this bread, and circuses, which is all it is you're being asked to lend your support to to one or two groups of people the pretty much say the same thing false dichotomy. It is centrist like moderately, centrist, right wing, communists, and ultra right-wing communists, and that you have here. I mean, that's your choices buddy. Think about that. America will just accused your politicians probably some you really like as either being moderate, right wing communists, more extreme rightwing communists. Is there any real difference? And what is that the Cortes is the most moderate of the right wing communist because they're all like to me. Oh, dear God seriously, just to be conservative. Okay. Conservative means. You like old ideas? Right. Okay. Well, there's nothing more conservative then preaching hundred and fifty year old failed ideas, what socialism is it's one hundred and fifty year old failed idea. So she's not a progressive progressive is I want new ideas. That's what right progress is. New and you're offering isn't progress. You're offering old recycled ideas that we've already proven don't even work right, but progressivism Pino with dawn of the twentieth century. I mean, they brought in new ideas, they wanted to take a scientific look at things. Here's one of the things that I know that Woodrow Wilson and teddy Roosevelt were both big fans of and that was eugenics. How can we get rid of some of these undesirable people? How can we work my hours? Those people my ancestors were those people teddy Roosevelt literally came in and stole had it not been for the fact that my my family got land in the civil war, right? Our farm that was there that was left. There would have been forcibly taken from us. My family came from cades cove, which is now a national park and teddy Roosevelt had this brilliant idea. Win at any confiscated everyone's farms by force tore them all down and that had the government build replica. Good. Thank you. It was great and what a great make work program to. Yeah. And that that was teddy Roosevelt progressivism to come in to poor farming areas. Areas where you dirt poor farmers who were on the verge of being sharecroppers and kicked them off their farms and turn them into sharecroppers. That was his wonderful grand plan for America was create more more poverty. That's what progressivism has really been doing ever since then and another one of those big ideas that the progressives were embracing was the miracle that is Russia all the amazing things that are happening under communism. And they were saying these things while communism was a inside becoming what communism does fine. Does does happen to be in that his millions and millions of people dying eight fifty five four fifty free. We're going to be back, and we're going to be back talking about a couple of different things. But we want to hear from you. Eight fifty five four fifty free. This is free talk live..

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