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Say it again. So you know where And when is Barbara Coach Peterson and the birds? The best boy, I guess. In the k y w 24 hour traffic center. I'm Stevie Reese. Thanks so much. Let's get a look at the forecast. NBC 11th alert Meteorologist Eat sauce Not good. Wednesday afternoon Wind will be our big story. Wind gusts up to 30. Maybe 40 MPH throughout the afternoon hours. But along with that wind will come some warm air temperature up to 78 degrees This afternoon in Philadelphia. Much of this evening will be in the lower seventies with breezy weather, but overnight tonight it will turn cooler, low temperature down to 53 Senator City. Forties in our suburbs for the day on Thursday, that's much more like October. Temperatures in the middle sixties will see sunshine, breezy and refreshing weather by Friday, Too chilly Start to the day temperatures in the forties in the morning but afternoon highs recovering up to about 69 degrees. I'm MBC 11th Lord, meteorologist Steve Sauced with your most accurate forecast. Count on it. 76 degrees looking up to 78 today. Let's check Wall Street that sponsored by crash Perfect Irma dot com, where you can see videos of people of peace of mind with their own crash proof retirement system. Tales of 544 and a quarter points NASDAQ up 199.46 S and P 500 of 58.83. Four. Local news when it matters to you depend on K y W News radio. Three things to know what to 45 Thea Archdiocese in Philadelphia's decided to close a program for delinquent teens. Four million acres have already burn in California during this historic fire year gap in our top story, Even though the president ended talks with Capitol Hill over the stimulus package, he did tweet that Congress should act. And as the politics plays out, people and businesses.

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