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Ben lyon it's so bad it's good right from the rich eisen show studio in los angeles. It's so bad it's good cold pizza for example right and i feel like football falls in that category. Even when it's so bad it was still good last night to see football outlets guest. Nfl network reporter. Jim trotter from the athletic again. Be a j. skeets. Espn nba analyst kendrick perkins -secutive director of the wnba players association. Terry jackson and now sitting in for rich. It's ben lyons welcome back to the show. Ben lines in for rich big weekend sports world fame in out. These are the class of twenty twenty twenty twenty one enshrined and can't ohio team. Usa men's and women's basketball gets the gold asia wilson. This woman is a gold medalist. Wnba mvp wnba rookie of the year. Number one draft pick a national champion and the all time leading score in south carolina. Women's basketball history. They built a statue. And i believe she's twenty five years. That is ridiculous. It's ridiculous is when we were watching the game on saturday. You and i made a comment when i looked up and saw britney griner. Mrs. schott didn't realize definitely. She missed all game. No skill is pretty clean sheet in the gold medal. Twenty eight credible. I love seeing the speeches this weekend out in canton ohio. That's the highlight for me. Obviously is seeing these men that we have honored and admired throughout their entire career. Show emotion and break down and show appreciation and humility in a sport. That doesn't often celebrate it. Jim trotter from the nfl network was on the ground out. There and can't know how you get a little missy. Saint charles woodson sing to his mom up there on that stage jim. I don't know it got missed it. But you get goosebumps It's always the hall of fame. Weekend is always my for me the most special weekend on the nfl calendar because it's the most exclusive club and professional sports..

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