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He'll listen to you i mean hill in small groups he's fantastic and he will listen if you disagree with them or say look governor i i have a different view he's very respectful he listens to people but for this kid to say that florida a governor rick scott doesn't care about students' lives because his proposed guncontrol reforms don't go far enough it shows you the naievety and really just how unsophisticated these two kids are they think at seventeen or eighteen they know everything there smarter than everyone shortly their smarter than the previous generations that came before them that they declared and clearly their constitutional scholars nuts but again for them to just go after politicians representatives senators the president because they have a different opinion and called them murderers and an and call them child killers and call them terrorists equating them to isis completely totally utterly on acceptable now i know that there are people that will say well wait a minute what they went through again is traumatic i do not disagree i don't dispute that however their method hanging up on the white house and and and and in criticising generations these kids need a massive dose of reality unfortunately their parents never gave him a lick of reality or lick of discipline or a lick of tough love but they're gonna find out soon enough the suit gardez mobile app for.

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