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News seven forty one right now. Tom hutler is at the Harley exteriors sports desk. So I never got a cycle. I never do work could hide it. So huskies maybe losing forty percent of their stellar quarterback group. The Seattle times reports redshirt freshman, Colson yankovic and Jacob sermon will both transfer in both cases, apparently because of looking at head of the quarterbacks ahead of them on the depth chart. It looks like playing time, we'll be sparse. Especially with junior. Jacob Easson who transferred from Georgia the presumptive starter and Jake Hainer Asaf more. Plus a huskies also have another four star prospect and Dylan Morris Mariners the cubs tonight in the opener of a two game series Felix says on abound against Cole hamels Saint Louis blues over the Dallas Stars. Two to three in the NHL playoffs. Western Conference semis. With the blues. Now ahead two to one game. Four in Dallas on Wednesday at a little cross town rivalry on the diamond tonight as the Washington huskies hosts Seattle U in baseball sports at ten forty past the hour. Tom hutler on the home of the huskies, KOMO news. It's a real message. Skagit county this morning, southbound I five Ron Conway. And it's going to be there for a while. We'll get an update on backups in some alternate routes from Kierra coming up next here on the KOMO morning. News amazing. But April is just about over. We're getting ready for me flowers, and all kinds of dads and grads and mom's day and everything else coming up. So the house is going to be a busy place. You want your house to look at best. And that means your carpet will get ready for all the celebrations with soft fresh smelling amazingly clean carpet from Zerorez. Only Zerorez cleans at sanitizers your carpet with a revolutionary patented green powered water system, not zero toxic chemicals and zero residue left behind when they clean my home. It's amazing because it not only looks great. But it smells good. I just feel better. Because all the stuff that gets taken out of the carpet that's bad for you, your coverage like a giant air filter and with the pet hair the allergens dust, dander, all the stuff is down deep in your carbon..

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