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On offense is the rudder gets up for about six maybe seventy yards and it is on that play a quarterback kion on he is a furor extraman poor vista rates but your rights in i mean we got this starters eleven offense of 11 defense if you have a couple of kickers i mean they pined result two columns on the she got your this ridge is one calm down so purse on third down and six has three wide receivers he'll take the staff handed off runner gets nowhere maybe got half a yard el bring up another fourth down three twenty two left to go in the game twentysix nothing pine creek this has been a war of attrition here in the second half of the sheer numbers in the size of the pine creek athletes is a little too much for visits to rich tonight as the wolves came in with it with a great game plan the just haven't been able to execute it under three minutes to go here is vista rich gets ready to punted away pie creek waiting at their own forty five to receive the kick and the point is a away a fair catch call for a made by fervor at the pint creek forty back on the field comes the pie creek offense it we'll see what kind of lineup they throw out there and it looks a lot ari different yeah thought will pick said the sophomore quarterback will lead his team out on the field dixon as defence of starter on offense he's the pack of to jc coulter and the feature of the quarterback position four pint creek and it'll get some playing time here late he awad of the starters on the sidelines starting to enjoy the homecoming hacktivist these four wide receivers as a handoff is made in the runner dropped the all nra overage covered it up there is a plot can't not a good a handoff the runner is.

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