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To Rita Casler in the W T o p Traffic center in Virginia. We're still seeing delays on North bound 95 China head into Quantico. This is a work zone in the left lane. You're also going to find in Arlington 11th Street north at North Fillmore Street. There's a big truck that is stuck trying to turn around. So you're gonna have to follow police direction and until they can get him out of there if you're in Maryland on the Bay Bridge on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Both of these bridges have wind warnings in effect. But it does not carry any vehicle restrictions South bound on to 70. The delays remain approaching in passing 109, a single right lane gets by the work north bound in the local lanes that delays near Falls Road headed toward 28 with a single lane getting by the work westbound 28 after Senator Road, This is where we had a flagging operation for some utility work. Someone didn't see it quick enough, and that caused the accident. So there's an accident and a work sown along that stretch expected delays in both ways on Darnestown Road If you're in The district on I 2 95 North bound delays after laboratory road headed toward Malcolm X Avenue. This is where we have work, possibly just a single lane Getting you by North Bondi Si Tu 95 is heavy, approaching and passing Pennsylvania Avenue headed all the way past Benning Road with the work in the right lane inbound on the Douglas Bridge. The work was in the right lane and Massachusetts Avenue at Seventh Street. Expect the redirection, possibly a plum police or fire crews due to the activity. Also back in Maryland. It is the ramp from the outer loop of the button. In the loop of the Beltway actually onto South bound Branch Avenue just inside the Beltway. Looks like we may have a crash. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance. Liberty mutual customizes your insurance. So you only pay for what you need, Customize and save with liberty Mutual insurance. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. W c o p four day forecast from Chuck Bell. As long as you like cold the next couple of days, they're gonna be just what you are looking for. Winter weather returns to Washington temperatures.

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