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Pomona police officers and hurting the other what happened was officer alex win was the first hit and his partner officer gregory casillas went to move him out of the doorway area to safety in that's when officers casillas was shot in the face and killed the the guy who did this was eventually arrested after the fifteen hour standoff with authorities he was arrested saturday afternoon he is going to be charged with murder attempted murder charges also i hate that they didn't kill this guy bring in amend welded seeing him being led away living i think the the weirdest timing issue of it was saturday earth's yes saturday morning watching the procession carry officer casillas his body to the coroner's on it was raining and it was desirable that an end the standoff is still going on fifteen hour standoff so you've still you've got everyone in the pomona police department and all the agencies involved knowing this guy already killed one of their brothers and still having a professionalism tonight go to blow their eyes lies yeah that's a good point oh we had another barricades situation on friday up in northern california this was a former army soldier who asked we found is the barricades situation was ending killed his three hostages this was at a veteran's care facility in napa valley where he had gone for help he was described as a hero in the service but struggled mightily when he returned home from afghanistan okay i've been a thing of four episodes deep in national geographic channel show called chain of command doesn't address these issues specifically posttraumatic stress and and reintegration with normal civilian life but it it's clear to me that there's got to be some pathway in i'd say that because this is also the name of the of the pathway home which is residential unit at this facility there's got to be some pathway to get these men and women back into normal civilian life because it's the the programming that it takes to get to a level where you can exist in a place like iraq or afghanistan our africa wherever we happen to be and then come back and deal with things like traffic and the line cosco and uh you know the gas pump here's what i sat any parts about a if we're talking.

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