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So if you want to help prevent dry skin dander, excessive shedding hair balls and want to make sure your dogs are getting the most comprehensive at the oxygen rich supplement, then hugs and kisses. Vitamin mineral supplements should be a daily treat. Four year dogs and your cats thie only product with my face on the label and my signature, But don't take my word alone. You can read the testimonials. At the head showed I calm But let me tell you about this special, Sam. Okay? Yes, Hugs and kisses are available at walmart dot com. They're available. Wished I calm prevailed. But my website the petco dot com and they're available by calling my office at 1 800 for 30 in the word hugs, But listen to me carefully because this is just for Amazon. And it's only good till tomorrow at midnight. This is the first time we've had this sound, the hugs and kisses vitamin mineral supplement treat only for dogs on Ly for dogs at Amazon on Lee Is $5 off. And if you're a prime members, shipping is freight. So it's $5 off. The cost of the hugs and kisses and shipping is free. If your prime now what I want you to do is go to amazon dot com. Go to the hugs and kisses supplement store. That's my store in Amazon. When you go there, you can order the dog supplement. It's $5. Often, as I said, if if you're a prime member shipping is free, But here's the important thing to remember. We can't do this often. We haven't done it in years. Tomorrow is the last eight new 12 o'clock tomorrow. Midnight is the last time to do this. So checkout amazon dot com today. Don't wait. Get the $5 often free shipping if you're prime member Log onto hugs and kisses and amazon dot com. Get your supplements today on war Next time this is the picture Get good. Get out of my city is a riddle. You never obeyed. You should move over red. Right? Return, right, Red right return. No, just read right return because, you know, I'm saying red right return, but then right to agree. Okay, But you're right. I should have said correct. I know it's red right return, But you're right times in. Turn quicker on the water. Progressive has you covered is a.

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