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Average eighty five percent water. Balance of nature uses cold vacuum technology to remove the water, leaving only the whole food. We don't use any heat air or light drying methods that damage nutrients are cold vacuum. Technology maintains ninety nine percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables, original nutritional value, along with diet and exercise mother nature provides fruits and vegetables to help us maintain. Good health to order, go to balance of nature dot com or call one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one that's one eight hundred two four six eight seven five one and use discount code Sacramento. I'm Dr links trough host of health for life, weight loss, talk radio on KFI, weight gain and obesity, can rob you of everything. And if you've given up the things you love to do your. Or less active than it's about quality of life kind of a life. Do you want as you get older by improving cellular hydration lowering inflammation becoming less toxic through Kito sus? You can lose a lot of fat quickly and you'll feel so much better. It's only forty days go to health for life Sacramento dot com with the number four or call eight five five six fat loss. Newsradio KFI BJ Sacramento. Gbi HD two ceremony. JFK FM Pollock pines at iheartradio station. Time now is seven o'clock in your connected to the K of decay morning news on ninety three point one FM fifteen thirty AM and on your iheartradio app. We're live on Facebook as well. This ring. Good morning, I'm Christina monopoly. And I'm Greg Fishman. It is Monday March eighteenth good morning. Just ahead..

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