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When it comes to your health. Come on says, there's also action to address these social the social detriments of health. He said such as the lack of affordable housing. So I I it's it's good. When you've got, unfortunately, it doesn't make it doesn't really help the argument all that much because the Bernie Sanders of the world that is going to push back and say, well, yeah. Well, you know, well unitedhealthcare's made billions of dollars, and so you know, there so we can weaken. We can they can afford to have to go through these changes that I went to go and implement too ridiculous is is ridiculous. And the and the only way they can advance their agenda. The only way they can continue to try to convince them, you know, majority of people that we have to go to complete government control of healthcare. We have to go to complete single payer system and stop calling a Medicare for all call for what it is at single payer universal healthcare. That's what it is. But the only way they can convince you is is by by continuing. Two pound the drum that there is a massive crisis out there. It's just not true. W M W AMU story. Federal prosecutors are charging sixty doc doctors pharmacists, medical professionals and others in connection with an alleged opioid pushing and health care fraud. According to the Justice department yesterday, the charges came less than four months after the Justice department dispatched experience fraud prosecutors across hard hit regions in Appalachia the cases involve more than thirty five thousand prescriptions. Oh, three hundred fifty sorry. You're I'm sorry. You're right. Three hundred fifty thousand five hundred fifty thousand for controlled substances and more than thirty two million pills. The equivalent of a dose of opioids for every man woman and child across Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and West Virginia. According to the assistant attorney general this is a massive massive scandal that is getting getting wildly under reported. But this is huge. I mean, sixty doctors federal opioids. Stink kudos to the Trump administration. Kudos to the Justice department for stepping up and doing this. Because what these doctors and pharmaceutical companies have done is absolutely one hundred percent criminal. You know, the John Oliver on on last week tonight. This this past week on HBO did did a fantastic piece on the origins of this opioid crisis. And and how certain companies and certain individuals, you know, partnered up with doctors, corrupted them, basically and got them to agree to start pushing these out they fast tracked through a lot of the FDA regulations and testings to make sure to get it into the marketplace before it was fully vetted before they they really went through all the testing that they should have done. And yeah, I I wanna see more of this. Those charged included thirty one doctor seven pharmacists and eight nurse practitioners and seven other licensed medical professionals. It's not yet clear. How many of the defendants in scenario in this round of prosecutions may fight the charges in court in some examples thirties pointed to inordinately large quantities one hundred prescriptions per day or other suspicious facts such as prescriptions with no evidence of a patient. Having been physically examined the seat examined. The CDC has reported that one hundred thirty Americans die every day. From an opioid related overdose. That's crazy. Yeah. I believe it. That's crazy. It's one of those, you know, and again, I've told the story many times, and I won't go into it right now for the sake of time, but having gone through the the open heart surgeries that I went through and a couple of years worth of getting these prescription medications dealing with the pain through multiple surgeries. They are incredibly I struggled with getting Jit prescriptions. And then having to come down off of them and and over over a period of time, I can absolutely understand, and and sympathize it's personal responsibility. But then but at the same time when you're providing easy access to this. You know, I it just it is it is it is it is an absolute crisis. And at least like you said, you know, had to the Trump administration for for for nabbing. These individuals Representative Jim Nash joins us next around your.

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