ABC, Donald Trump, Roger Stone discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


I'm Corwin Hake. Live with that. And more from a former Seattle FBI agent new whistleblower complaint against the chief medical examiner in Pierce county. I'm Carleen Johnson live youthful weather for the weekend. We'll talk traffic and the forecast in four minutes. I the breaking news from ABC. From ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston. The FBI this morning putting Roger stone longtime associate of President Trump under arrest. The special counsel said Roger stone made multiple false statements to congress about his communications through intermediaries with WikiLeaks. And with members of the Trump campaign in the summer of two thousand sixteen the indictments headstone informed, senior Trump campaign officials about the Email stolen from the Clinton campaign and later about potential future releases by WikiLeaks that could damage Trump's opponent. There's no conspiracy charge here. But the indictment makes clear the Trump campaign was aware of the leaked documents relied on stone for updates and even congratulated him when they were released Aaron Katersky. ABC news New York in an interview this morning house press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says this has nothing to do with the president Senate leaders have been talking about a short term deal to end the partial government shutdown ABC's Mary Bruce at the capital this morning on Capitol Hill possible compromise is in the works. And the president says he could be on board if they come Joey reasonable agreement. I went supported President Trump telling our John. Jonathan karl. He's open to a deal temporarily. Reopened the government to three year old boy vanished Tuesday afternoon in North Carolina found overnight ABC Steve Olson Saami is outside the hospital where Casey Hathaway's being treated we're told by the sheriff's office that he might be released here later today. The formerly missing three year old is in great condition under the circumstances. He was lost for few nights one night in the freezing cold another night in the heavy rain. More questions swirling around the suspect in the attack on a Florida Bank that left five dead ABC's. Tom yomas, isn't Seabourn Florida. According to police records and.

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