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Northwest leg of 2 85 25 north bound the crash blocking three right lanes before calm Parkway 25 South bound. You got two left lanes blocked That pace is fair robot, a crash there in that works on those lay stretching all the way back into Sandy Springs. 95.5 WSB time comes back in Arkansas will be on their 21st down. We'll really gotta scored in that thing and got knocked down later. By the way crowd once again get upset with the officials when they looked at that big screen way. Still have a 23 to nothing lead wasn't for a flurry of penalties right At the end of the half, I would have been a little bit more. Back 80. Our joy Jones is still their quarterback. Here's full and Fred tally trying to get out of here. There were five man front line like a quarter down on the corner control with me, and he's going to run. A groaner is a little hole in Tallinn Dodgers in there, and he got almost 10 years. Sean Jones had to get him. He came into the hole and bear down and ball. He got nine yards quick. They have great foot speed. I know. I said that before he puts it down in the 29. They have to go to the 31 1st got eight second down knobs and virtually a five man front Jones gonna give it to the full back. And when I met him right after line over a fake kept it and Jones came out and The first down control curry wring him out. He did a David Green thing he gave it. The Pearson took it away from him, and his parents went in the middle part of our line bit on that, and I did, And then he came out left and got a first down about five yards. Show maybe four. Up to the 33. Cobb isn't the tailback. You have to watch him If he gets out there like Callie has gotten out a little in a five man front. Arkansas just punch down. First down 33 on giving the cops He's coming in, and we made him right. Fumble the ball and tackle him. We're rolling around. We're trying to pick it up. We finally not get out. Nobody dove on. Everybody was trying to pick it up on trying to tear out. Boss Bailey hit him a linebacker. Is he trying to keep going? The whistle has blown any, then coughed it up when it's second down and nine Around upsetting Look at the big screen again. They didn't realize was in plain view. Appear with a fumble on the play. Second down nine Arkansas 30 for baking keeps it He starts in and we hit him on the 35 Jones and driving back yard. Maybe 23 Tony Gilbert was a key tapper on that last play. 35, Arkansas, down about eight, Arkansas one for seven and third down conversions tonight. 35 receivers out right I need about 8.5 yards for first looks out it is receivers, take it and drop back to pass fires and threw it along and threw it out. Richard Smith up around 50 covering him just a little too far fourth down and in appointing situation are you talking about Georgia needs to be up in the second half. Where's our fans in the 70,000? People hear the defense just stopped him in our fancy going nuts is that defense came off the field hand isn't politics. Fourth down. Arkansas is Ricky. But the information we're in a loose defense. I'm not trying to block the way suspect something. So we don't rush anybody and kick this going. Hi. Nice looking spiral thinking Gary Condit on the 11 got by one guy that got hit just knocked down around 16 got 19 will be first down there nine minutes remaining in the third quarter. Georgia is in command 23 0 of Arkansas in the 2002 Thiss Georgia Classic game is brought to you by Sexy sax piece famous chicken Fingers, wings and.

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