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He's subdued in way but it. It does bring a lot of power to to the song as well. You can't hide towns in creative flourishes in what makes the who sound like the who if it's harmonies if it's the guitar style if it's the drive of the song but then it then it just goes in a completely opposite direction in in the ether. Okay so i got a quick story about in the ether. I have also a guy. The colleague i guess a writer friend. He writes for this same site. Or at least we did back then Call pop does but at the time we were just doing blogs that we were trading sort of you know files on our music blogs and he got an advance copy of in the ether. He sent it to me. Because what goes and i listen to them all like. Oh my god what is wrong with townsend. What is this he goes is from their new record. I'm alike ones that come on. He goes pretty soon. But i got an advance and it was like a not feeling it. So i i mean just the start me the way he kinda growls his voice but and i didn't realize it was an affect. Tation that he did on purpose because he was playing a character. It was more of a character driven vocal. I think In towns in wrote in his book that you know he had complete creative control of endless wire Roger didn't necessarily like that as much and because peed had been working on so many things and some of this material was was used in other ways for some of his solo projects but he sang on a number of these songs so that kind of satisfied his creative edge to be able to take the lead on a song and then craft other songs that would fit into rogers wheelhouse. What are the standout songs from endless wire for you for me. I like the ones that that sound more. Who liked to me which would be mike. Post theme I think i like two thousand years and.

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